Explainer Videos Generate Instant Demand

Explainer Videos Generate Instant Demand

Do you remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka’s factory tour? One of her favorite lines from the famous classic is– “I want it, and I want it now!” This is exactly how you want your next customer to respond to your product or service. When Veruca took a tour of the Willie Wonka factory, she learned the inner workings of the candy factory; she became educated, fascinated and demanding. If you’re supplying something great, the demand will be great too.

By creating an amazing explainer video to describe the benefits of what your company is providing, you will drive up instant demand. Once properly educated as to the high quality of your work, and a need is clearly uncovered, your buyers, like Veruca, will demand instant delivery (at least that’s the plan).

Explainer videos are on track to become the center of every strategic marketing campaign through 2020 and beyond. Potential consumers want to know

1.Why they want what you have

2 What product they specifically need to solve their problem

Explainer videos serve this dual purpose.

So, how do explainer videos work exactly?

We Like to Watch Things

“Video” is just one method to transmit moving images. We’ve been watching other methods (TV and movies) for decades for the same reasons we watch videos online now: they entertain and inform us.

Due to the explosion of digital devices and the evolution of visual technologies, videos are now the most watched form of motion pictures. In fact, Google already gives video content a higher priority over text; websites with videos are 53 times more likely to sit at the top of its search pages. Cisco has gone on to predict that, by 2018, videos will take up almost 80 percent of all online traffic. And “Business Insider” agrees that “Video will account for an overwhelming majority of traffic by 2021.” In fact, they point out that specifically mobile videos are outgrowing other sources of screen time. Why?

We Like to Watch Things at Our Own Pace

The internet has also provided an unlimited “classroom,” virtually around the entire planet. Thanks to the web, consumers everywhere have access to infinite learning opportunities as well as buying opportunities. People now have the capacity to research and shop at any time of day, as long as they have access to an internet connection. Explainer videos are the perfect forum through which they can gain the information they are seeking. This is especially beneficial for customers because they can choose when and where they want to view that information. Almost always, the potential consumer will choose a time and location that is most convenient for themselves. But even if each of your potential customers varies in time management skills or preferences, one explainer video can reach millions of viewers.

Reduce the wait for your customers by using explainer videos for your video marketing needs. Your potential customers already have to wait for a movie’s premiere date in order to see, or perhaps be patient for the movie to come out on DVD or Blu-Ray. As for a new television episode, your audience has to wait for the air date. If they miss it, they’ll have to wait for the episode to stream online the next day or week, depending on the show’s network. But waiting is optional with explainer videos; your audience can watch it anytime, day or night, any of month of the year.

We Like to Learn Things

We can’t all be experts at everything, so there is always an explainer video to teach. The desire to learn is a natural part of being human, and more than half of all people (65 percent) are visual learners, which means they learn by watching. So, how exactly does an instinctual desire to learn help drive up sales? Because your company’s quality explainer video shows the quality of your product or service. Consumers like quality goods and are even willing to pay more for something they know is worth the value. Explainer videos create the perfect to teach your customers the value of what you have to offer.

Don’t forget, presenting data to your audience in visual format increases the likelihood that they will retain the information. Of course, you want people to retain information about your goods or service! At Rip Media Group, we aim to make your explainer video memorable. When your company has an explainer video that sticks in your consumers’ minds, you increase each buyer’s potential to convert into a sale.

We Like to Share Things

Have you ever been so impressed or enlightened by something that you have to share? At Rip Media Group, we’re always creating content that has that special “share factor.” People like sharing videos that they think are funny, engaging and educational. Explainer videos create a dialogue of mutual fascination that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred. Instead of asking “have you seen that movie yet?” and having to take time to go to a theater with fifteen dollar tickets, explainer videos are free to consumers and can be shared by friends or family through a simple link via email, text or social media. We’re social creatures, so make sure your company talks to us at Rip Media Group to create content worth sharing.

Quality Explainer Videos Tell Your Story

It’s time to create high-quality explainer videos that will illustrate the high-quality goods and services your enterprise provides. Explainer videos are unlike other forms of marketing primarily because of their educational pull to entice consumers. They are convenient for audience members to watch, listen, learn from and share. It’s imperative to work with a professional production company so that your company’s brand continues to look top-notch. Make sure to keep ahead of your competitor’s video marketing! At Rip Media Group, our video storytelling capacities will educate and captivate not just your current customer base, but also the vast potential customer base that seeks out videos for information.

Happy to share more, just ask if you want further info.

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