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Explainer Videos for Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson approached Rip Media Group to help them communicate to their staff upcoming, major changes in their accounting department. It was taking too much time out of upper management’s month to educate and train the staff, so they wanted an explainer video that could do that work for them and rally the troops behind these new changes.

Becton Dickinson was in the midst of changing their finance system to increase it’s speed, efficiency and ease of reporting.  They were having trouble communicating their message to the thousands of people who would be affected by this change, and they needed a video that would be informative and somewhat aspirational, with a little humor thrown in for good measure.

Rip Media put their most experienced producer on the project who, within a very short time frame, was able to deliver the message in the video and bring it in on budget and a day ahead of schedule.

Becton Dickinson now has the tools it needs to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate the message, from the bookkeeper to management. They plan to use this explainer video in many ways over the coming year.




Production Company: Rip Media Group

Client: Becton Dickinson

Executive Producer: Maury Rogow

Creative Producer: Barry Silver