Eyes on the Prize: 3 Video Distribution Tips for your Explainer Videos

So, you’ve made some shiny new explainer videos, and you’re excited to get eyes on them!

You’ve entered into the part of marketing no one wants to talk about – promoting your videos. This marketing stage is challenging, but luckily it’s not hard due to being  complicated or difficult. It’s hard because it takes limitless persistence, patience, and faith. 

So, how do you avoid slamming your head against the wall in frustration because it seems like no one is seeing your videos? Well, the correct distribution tactics will help you reach the right customers at the right time in their buying journey (and often for free)!

We recently explored this question with iTrade, the single biggest company you’ve never heard about. iTrade manages and tracks data from the barcodes attached to our food (which we think is actually really cool and interesting). Still, they face a problem, how do they get a message like theirs in front of customers they want to build relationships with?

Turns out, the answer is threefold!

1. Use the Video on Your Website

Chances are, your SEO optimization is your single best method for attracting free attention to your website and business. 

So, you should capitalize on that free attention! 

Place your shiny, amazing new video on your website. In a recent data analysis, Google even stated that 70% of B2B buyers are watching a video at some point during their buying process. So, the sooner you’re able to demonstrate your value with your website videos, the more likely your customers will be to buy.

iTrade is living by that philosophy. They will be placing the video we made for them several months ago onto their iTrade marketplace website sometime soon! But because you’re reading this now, you don’t have to wait.  Here it is! 

2. Ads and Social Media Marketing

These methods of video marketing are what most people think about when they consider video distribution. 

Running ads and using video to market on social media is probably the easiest and fastest way to build brand equity. Brand equity is the likelihood that your target demographic will recognize your business and will have a positive attitude toward you and your company’s actions. 

The great thing about running ads and boosting social media posts is also the worst thing about them. If you have enough money, chances are you’ll win, and you’ll build the brand equity that you’ve been searching for. If you’re strapped for cash, then the opposite will be true.

Now, what videos should you use for ads & social media?

We find that explainer videos are great for building brand equity because they give a brief overview of your company and the pain points that you address. For their newest round of videos, iTrade specifically wanted to craft a video to create brand equity around their latest offering, the iTrade marketplace, so we made them a great explainer video dressed up in an ultra modern style. 

3. Email Marketing and Direct Outreach

Finally, we’ve come to the last way to excel in video distribution—email marketing and direct outreach.We love both of these options because they’re almost completely free! 

After spending the initial money you need to spend to gather information about your prospects, you can send them emails and reach out with information at no additional cost. 

iTrade plans to send out their new explainer in newsletters, in direct contacts, and in follow-ups with existing customers in their targeted segments. By doing this, iTrade can leverage information and networks they already have access to in order to create cheap, explosive growth in their brand equity.

So, How Will You Distribute Your Explainer Videos?

Will you create websites with a video that you can send customers to? Will you run exhaustive ad campaigns? How about email blasts? 

If you truly want eyes on your prize, try a combination of all three!! 

Whatever you decide, we’re sure that you’ll find success. If you still need a bank of explainer videos to draw from for your marketing, reach out to us. We would love to help!


iTrade explainer video_Sketch1

iTrade explainer video_Sketch2


iTrade explainer video_Art1

iTrade explainer video - Art2