How to Build Views on Your Explainer Video or Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard animation building views

I remember starting in Hollywood, CA wondering how I was ever going to get my foot in the door with whiteboard animation services and explainer video production. I started small, producing my own videos, but inevitably came doubting questions like—“Who is going to watch this?”, “How can I get more video views?” and “How can I have a successful business?” You’re probably just like I was—wondering how to get more views on a corporate video or explainer video so that your business can attract more customers.

First things first, create your video marketing strategy. While whiteboard video production is a really exciting process, it’s not something to jump into without preparation. Rip Media Group is here to help you develop the best strategy for your video from pre-production through post-production. We want your corporate video to maximize its potential.


1. Figure out your target audience.

One reason companies choose to collaborate with Rip Media is that we take a lot of time to find the target audience for each of our clients, and build the right story for them.  We target niche audiences, not the mass market.  I would rather pull in 600 buyers for a client, than 100,000 “no-buys” or non-interested viewers. You might say “But wait a second—aren’t more views better?” Not necessarily. The internet has an infinite amount of material to watch; if you have a product or service that is best for females over sixty years old (like a post-menopausal product), then tween boys watching your explainer video aren’t going to help get you more business. I want to be strategic with you, so we work smarter together. Know your target audience!

2. Establish an engaging story.

Look, no one wants to watch a boring corporate video. Consider creating a whiteboard animation video! The illustrations themselves attract people to their computer screens. We like to find the most captivating way to communicate your company, your product or your service to your viewers. Once they click on the video, we want them to watch it until the end! Our society is racked with distractions; I like coming up with ways to produce and edit your explainer video to keep people’s attention. Now that you understand the importance of having a strong storyline, you must also have—

3. Quality video production.

Whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, or even live video production, RIP Media works with artistic professionals to create the best quality explainer video for you. A  video will strong production value will get a higher ranking in search engines, allowing more visitors to click onto your page, and boost views for your company.

“Yeah, Maury. That’s all great, but how do I build views with my target marketing audience once my whiteboard video production or explainer video production is finished and I’m ready to post it online?” Good question!


Congratulations! You have completed a whiteboard animation production or have your finished explainer video ready to be uploaded! Let’s crank out some savvy details to get you the most productive views possible.

1. Come up with a title for your promotional video or explainer video.

While it might seem like a silly, little detail- it’s not! A title can make or break people clicking “play.” You want to attract potential buyers with your title. That way, the potential buyers can turn into business leads and increase your company’s revenue… that’s why you made the whiteboard video or explainer video in the first place! The right title can also help with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that more people who are searching for your type of product or service can find YOU. You don’t want a title that is too dull, but an exciting and thought-provoking title will lure people in. With all this in mind, here are a number of excellent tips that you can use when it comes time to give your new video that all-important title:

Title Tip 1

Never make the title of your whiteboard video or explainer video deceptive. If you use a title just for the attractive value it holds without regards to the actual content, you will not only have viewers clicking away in a hurry, but you also risk the potential for negative feedback. It’s like having a trailer that deceives the marketing of the actual movie.

Just look at Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” starring Jennifer Lawrence. The cut of the first trailer shows like a horror film, but the actual movie is a dramatic and suspenseful allegory of Biblical proportions.  Did you know the original screenplay was called “The Sixth Day”? The original title was more suggestive of the Creation allegory (describing humanity as created on the sixth day) than “Mother!”. Had they kept the original title and created a trailer that marketed the video more accurately to its final cut, maybe the movie wouldn’t have been a flop. The title must tell viewers what the content will be without being confusing nor deceiving.

Title Tip 2

Experiment with different titles. You may want to go for a descriptive title that evokes an emotional response before going with one that is purely SEO rich. Explainer videos have different tones and should be titled accordingly. And if you’re producing several whiteboard animation videos or corporate videos, you have some space to play around with what works. While experimenting, make sure to keep detailed notes of what your audience is watching and what people aren’t watching. That way, you can improve your strategy in the future. The fact is, you can always go back later and re-title your videos as you see fit.

Title Tip 3

Keep abreast of current events and use them to your advantage. This works well for older videos that have been ’out there’ for a while, yet, have a new opportunity to reach potential buyers. For example, when a new ‘Sex and the City’ movie comes to theaters,  a business owner should re-promote Manola Blank shoes! Great! He or she can easily tie update the title of an old video and get a load of new views on it. That’s the same reason why old comic books sell so well when a new movie is made! It’s a simple lesson in a supply and demand. So keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities to arise. You can re-title and re-post your old explainer video (which has now been updated) or you can even re-publish it on social media (but I’ll get to that later).

Title Tip 4

Keep your titles short. Only about 50 to 60 characters of your title are actually seen on a search page. Keep titles short to avoid important words being cut off. That way, the most valuable words will appear at the front of your video or blog to attract people.

Title Tip 5

Lastly, it’s imperative there are no typos in your explainer video, corporate video or whiteboard animation video title! That will definitely impact your SEO ratings—which can potentially plummet, because “Best Rainbow Trout Bait- Catch Hundreds of Fish!” is going to be more searchable that “Best Ranibow Truot Bate- Katch hundreds of phish!”

“Maury, enough about titles! What else can I do to build my whiteboard animation video or explainer video views?”

2. Embed your video (with its awesome title) on YouTube, Vimeo or other top video hosts.

These websites sharing easy and are built to host larger files. By uploading to these sources, you also increase your ability for potential buyers to find you. If you use an unpopular hosting site, fewer people will search those sources, potentially leading to fewer leads. It’s ultimately your choice where to upload the video, but I recommend putting it in a high-traffic area.

3. While it might seem redundant, add text to your whiteboard animation or explainer video on the website page in which it’s embedded.

Also, add text or transcript in the description area. Why? Once again, so that search engines like Google and YouTube will optimize your corporate video(s) into their algorithm. I can’t stress this enough– the more targeted information you can add on your website, the more like viewers will find your explainer video. How so? Viewers and readers alike type keywords (“key words,”) into the search bar and the search engine calculates whose post comes up on the first page. Adding keywords will help your ranking on search engines and boost visits from potential customers.

4. Now it’s time to plug your whiteboard animation video or explainer video into social media!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat… I’m sure there will be another new social media outlet tomorrow. Reach out to your current customer base and show them the new and exciting things that are going on with your company. Also, reach out to your potential buyers who follow you. Maybe your latest corporate video will finally tempt them to pick up the phone or click through to your website! Remember to post a status update or description that will also peak your viewer’s interest to watch the video. Market wisely!

There are even more ways to build up your views, but these are manageable steps you can do without a large marketing team behind you. Like I said, it’s important to start from the beginning. You can’t jump from a boat into the middle of the ocean without taking swim lessons first—that’s a surefire way to experience a disastrous production. I created RIP media for strategic video marketing. I want to see your company (and your company’s videos) succeed.

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