Medical Explanation Video Production About Recovery From PTSD For A Federal Agency

Explainer video series About Recovery From PTSD For A Federal Agency

MUSA Consulting reached out to Rip Media Group for a series of explainer videos revolving around recovery from PTSD and general education about the condition. These videos were given to The Veteran’s Administration for a broad audience who are not expected to have any prior medical knowledge. MUSA Consulting rated us on a third party website, Clutch.  

Here’s how they rated.

Overall: 5.0
Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here’s what they had to say:

“Their creative thinking and quality work stand out.”

We partnered with them for a series of PTSD recovery and educational animated technical videos for a cabinet-level federal government agency. We wanted to deliver the requisite number of videos to the agency, on time and on budget, and exceed their expectations in quality.

I’ve known the CEO of Rip Media Group for awhile and we have always wanted to work together on a project, so when this opportunity arose, they were our first choice. They created a series of videos that covered mental health care and required a lot of technical explanation of potential treatments to a wide, non-medical consumer audience about ptsd effects, PTSD recovery programs, and general education about PTSD. 

We worked very closely through all phases of the production process with Rip Media Group and they were very professional and transparent. We handled all feedback and management using technology to connect the two production companies, some freelancers, and the client in various locations.

They delivered the videos on time and within budget, generating positive feedback from our client – The Veterans Administration. Rip Media Group is an efficient and thoughtful team that delivers an unimpeachable product. We received a favorable rating from the client on our contract review. Rip Media Group was extremely effective at making videos about PTSD education and there were no issues. 

Their creative thinking toward speaking about recovery from PTSD and their quality work stand out.

Here’s the link to the Veteran’s Administration PTSD Series: