New Technology Is Transforming Corporate Explainer Videos

Corporate Explainer Videos

These days, changing technologies affect companies of every size, and disruptions have become routine. Given how swiftly communications platforms are developing, there may never have been a more exciting time to run a business.

Along with so many other aspects of marketing, corporate explainer videos are undergoing rapid technological metamorphoses. They now have more depth and detail than ever and they’re reaching new heights of perception and vibrancy.

Updating the Classics

Traditional whiteboard animation is still the top choice for business people when they’re choosing an explainer video format. Even so, other types are gaining in popularity. Many companies are selecting virtual reality, three-dimensional animation, 360-degree live action and hybrids of various styles.

Such high-tech presentations have much to recommend them. They stand out; they get people to notice them and remember them. And, by extension, many if not most of those viewers will also remember the name of your company.

What’s more, new video technologies won’t limit your imagination. You can give potential customers a unique experience that really shows off your brand’s strengths. With virtual reality, for example, they can take a stroll through your corporate headquarters or one of your stores, stop when they want and look this way and that. Likewise, they can feel as though they’re joining you at trade shows, conferences and other events.

Just as appealing, 3D videos can make your products jump out at consumers. They can examine those items from all angles and get a true sense of what they look like in action.

Take a look at this 3D video we created for the launch of O2 Concepts’ Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

O2 Concepts: Superior Engineering from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

A World of Excitement

A key engine of the business sector is passion. Entrepreneurs and company leaders need it to build the best possible brands. And, if they can somehow convey that passion to consumers, they’re likely to win over customers and initiate many long-term relationships.

Corporate explainer videos packed with high-tech bells and whistles are terrific vehicles for sharing authentic enthusiasm. They get people to look at products and services in stimulating new ways. In so doing, they can elicit a childlike delight and compel people to give your company a chance. Your sales team can take it from there.

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