Seamon Corporation NIH Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Seamon approached Rip Media Group with a problem that their client, The National Institute of Health (NIH), was experiencing.  They have a great program that provides grants for small life science businesses, and they were having a hard time getting the word out. They did not have the exposure they needed and needed a great explainer video. 

We put our most experienced producer on the project who assembled the team that created this explainer video.  In a clear, concise fashion, it spells out which types of businesses the NIH supports and what the process of applying looks like.

The outreach team was so thrilled with the results, they immediately signed up for another one.  Now, their new video will be one featured on their website and will be an important part of the NIH’s social media and other marketing efforts.

Production Company: Rip Media Group

Client: Seamon Corporation

Executive Producer: Maury Rogow

Creative Producer: Barry Silver

How to get NIH SBIR Grants from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.