Client Review: Interactive Video for Ergonomics Stations (NetApp)

Interactive Video for Ergonomics Stations (NetApp)

Rip Media Group had the pleasure of working with NetApp to create an interactive screen-based animated video about ergonomics. In addition to animation, services included voiceovers and storyboarding.  At the end of the project, the NetApp team provided a great review and rating of our service:

Overall out of 5 Stars as Highest: 5.0
Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

Here is a summary of their review.

Rip Media Group exceeded our expectations by taking our idea to the next level.

Internal employees and management are grateful for the solution and impressed with its delivery. 

Rip Media Group immediately replied to stakeholder feedback or requests for collaboration. Their transparent communication regarding the project cost was a strength.

I’m the lead ergonomist and change agent for a data management company. We have about 17,000 employees globally with close to 10,000 in the Americas.

We want to educate our employees about ergonomics and provide world-class, cutting-edge solutions to reduce injury risk and increase productivity. 

When choosing a video marketing partner, there was a lot of research involved. We considered teams based on their creativity, animation, and ability to tell stories. Rip Media Group offered that.

I worked with Maury (CEO, Rip Media Group) for around six months before we even signed the contract. Rip Media Group had in-depth conversations with us before we even signed the contract. We went back and forth talking about various opportunities as well as our budget and goals. Even though they were aware of the high-end of our budget, they told us it would cost less than that to deliver everything we needed. Other companies I researched said the services would cost the most we were willing to pay, which I didn’t appreciate.

Rip Media supported the creation of an interactive ergonomics educational wellness and exercise station for us to put in each break room at our sites. Their work included creating a screen interface and animated videos, which included storyboarding and voiceover services. They also produced our main global reach video which offers an overall perspective on our ergonomics approach.

In the beginning, our in-house team had multiple brainstorming sessions with their team. After we narrowed our ideas down, we began working on the solution interface. 

The animation storyboard focuses on school children on a field trip to the Smithsonian in 2021. They observe an Office Turtle exhibit including a computer user sitting with a rounded spine. The central message is: when office workers round their spine, it causes a tremendous amount of pain, and the solution to the problem is stretching at our healthy worker’s station. 

Asking them to help us trigger a cultural change was a big request. Many employees weren’t initiated into any type of exercise regime, so inspiring them to start stretching was a big deal. While we don’t expect people to change their lifestyle overnight, we have been pleased to receive positive feedback from our employees. They said they love the video and want to use it more often.

Rip Media Group exceeded our expectations by taking our idea to the next level. Our team never could have imagined how great the solution would be, and our internal management is grateful for their services. Also, this project was an educational experience for me regarding the hardware and software they used.

Rip Media Group is a world class team. They instantly reply to stakeholders, and their accessibility distinguishes them from other service providers. They pay attention to detail, and they’re willing to go above and beyond the original scope. It was a joy to collaborate with them.

Their creativity is off the charts, and they told our story in an interesting way. Rip Media provided more than we asked for, even working without pay at times. They spent a tremendous amount of time and energy on our project.

Whenever I had feedback, I brought those things to their attention, and they immediately made a change to align with my mindset.

Future clients will enjoy working with them as they are really fantastic. Clients should detail their end goal so that the desired outcome is clear. Also, potential customers should be compassionate and not abuse Rip Media Group’s graciousness. They spend a lot of energy on their projects, and they will bend over backward to make clients happy.