ROLEBOT – Introduction to Brand Video (Motion Graphic and Kinetic Typography)

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Rolebot is actually owned by one of the hardest working, smartest, well connected people in the recruiting space. We’ve known him and we’ve been talking in private about launching something that’s going to change his industry, one that’s very people centric, very untouched by technology.

This really resonated with us because technology has dramatically changed the animation business. Disney and Pixar have altered the animation landscape forever.

So recruiting for high end people was still very people centric. He said, “I’m gonna change all that by using artificial intelligence that’s programmed to find people on the web that are highly qualified and rated by people that have worked with them and seen their codes in action.” So he’s taking the entire sourcing side of the business and automating it.

At the end of the day, it’s a software as a service that goes to dozens of sites where programmers gather and show off their code, usually in the guise of asking for thoughts or opinions or even help from other coders. So Rolebot finds the best of those people and helps companies reach out to them, in effect cutting out the $20-$30,000 in referral fees that they would pay a recruiting firm.

It’s a very complex world and one that’s difficult for an audience to understand, so they turned to us to create a concise and entertaining message for hiring teams and heads of human resources. It had to be understandable as well as interesting.

Then the next part is how does it work? So we had to show all three elements: how does it work, why is it important, and what does it do.

So the client was going to a big Chief Technology Officer conference in a matter of weeks, so they had to have something to show the splash in. So we created a 60 second motion graphic with typography video. It would literally tell the why and get people interested but not tell them what the thing does, what the details are, how it works.

It was an interesting, fast moving, fun commercial to get people to say, “Hey, tell me a little bit more about that or what is that exactly or how do you do that?”

Throughout the process, the client was very open to our ideas on how to get this accomplished. But the biggest challenge was the timeframe.

But we were there for the first event when the video was unveiled, and it went over really well.


Production Company: Rip Media Group
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Andy Glickman