Live Action Video with Animation to Introduce ‘LOJACK – Law Enforcement’

Trade shows booths need visitors, and the magic of video will help people cross that line on the floor to say hello – as long as it’s attention-grabbing.

Cars are an important and costly investment.  Many people work hard to protect them – whether through periodic maintenance or from theft.  LoJack from CalAmp ( is one of the premier ways of protecting your car from theft.  

CalAmp reached out to Rip Media Group about creating videos for their IACP Trade show booth – one for consumers and one for law enforcement – to showcase the advantages of their system.

  • We designed both scripts to be more or less the same, but with the key messaging here for law enforcement to embrace the benefits of the LoJack system.
  • For both videos, we engaged a live action video crew to capture high quality footage.
  • We then blended in high-end stock footage to create a compelling, informative and entertaining narrative.
  • Finally, the animation team at Rip Media added in dynamic motion graphic overlays for key messaging.

Not only did CalAmp use the video at their trade show booth, but they liked the finished product so much they used it on their website.

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Video Transcription:

This car is equipped with peace of mind.  

That’s because it’s got a LoJack system onboard.

The LoJack system integrates directly with the police.  In fact over two hundred thousand stolen vehicles equipped with a LoJack system were recovered in the US alone. 

So if your vehicle is ever stolen, simply alert the police. 

Law enforcement agencies can install LoJack tracking computers to help recover stolen vehicles equipped with the LoJack system. There’s no cost for the equipment and our network of specialists help train your officers.

With real time tracking, the recovery rate tops 90% on cars, trucks and SUVs.

LoJack gives you more control when your vehicle is stolen, and helps recover more stolen assets in your community.

LoJack – this is the new how for protecting and recovering stolen vehicles.