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According to eMarketer, online video ad spending is on pace to increase from the $2.16 billion spent on advertising last year all the way up to $7 billion by 2015 – a 52% increase.

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Corporate video and ad spending

What can we learn from this information?

Clearly, the shift in technology has drastically affected the marketplace. With video streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Youtube taking viewers from the television and the behemoths of Google and Facebook dominating the social landscape, it’s not a surprise that advertisers are shifting their efforts to the Internet.

For companies like yours, eMarketer’s prediction is very promising news. To our clients, and companies like yours, it means your brand message, your elevator pitch, and your educational materials should be migrating to video

A larger market means more competition, so as you continue to advance the services you offer, your need to communicate that value in a short and effective manner.   In fact, an effective story becomes critical to business growth.  Corporate motion graphics, whiteboard animation, website optimization and social marketing must fully deployed to increase and even maintain demand.

When 2015 arrives, your competition will have invested and the market may be booming – but the expectations may also be much higher.

Still reading?  Would a video have been easier?

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