Out With the Old Video, In With the New

Out with the Old Video, In with the New

Popular culture and fads can change so swiftly that it’s hard to keep up. I can think of numerous songs, dances, movies and TV shows that were all the rage and then suddenly seemed passé. Similarly, references to current events can quickly lose their effect as the public turns its attention to new situations.

Your marketing videos should keep pace with society’s latest enthusiasms. If you always post videos that are in touch with the times, your brand will seem fresher, more exciting and even more trustworthy than it would otherwise.

The Danger of Being Out of Touch

Releasing culturally relevant marketing videos isn’t just about trying to seem cool. Your advertising content is a reflection of your corporate skills in general. Put another way, every one of your videos will either enhance or degrade your business reputation. If your clips seem out of date, viewers may get the impression that you just don’t care that much about your advertising efforts.

Worse, when I see a business with dated marketing videos, I wonder what else that company doesn’t care about. Is it similarly disinterested in providing excellent customer service, outstanding value and top-of-the-line products?

Relatable Videos Are Shareable Videos

By contrast, when your videos speak to the moment ― when they reflect your audience’s attitudes and styles ― so many people who watch them will smile with recognition. They’ll recognize that your brand has a vibrant personality, one they can identify with. They’ll think, “Here’s a company that understands me.”

More important, people will be more willing to share your videos on their social media channels if they feel that kind of personal connection to them. Naturally, they’ll be more disposed to buy from you as well.

Unfortunately, customer loyalty can be short-lived, and without a continual stream of fashionable videos, a chic company can quickly turn into a stodgy one. Fortunately, we place a premium on cultural relevance, and we constantly familiarize ourselves with recent social and artistic trends, making videos sparkle with immediacy.  We’re Rip Media Group, your story starts here!