Explainer Video (Motion Graphic Animation) – Ceridian LifeWorks WellFunds

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A video for healthcare – yes, yes we can.  Every year, businesses struggle with rising healthcare costs and employee enrollment. To make things easier, LifeWorks (a subsidiary of Ceridian) created WellFund, a wellness program that uses predictive biometrics and health risk assessments to control costs and improve participation.

Their next dilemma was how to get the word out to CFOs in an engaging way that would spur sales?  Naturally, video marketing is the answer. So they turned to the experienced team at Rip Media to create a video that would clearly state the company’s directive, while doing so in an entertaining and compelling way.

  • After much brainstorming, the Rip Media team went with a personalized approach from the perspective of a fictional company’s CFO who is looking to cut costs and raise employee participation.
  • Once the script was created, Rip employed an artist and animator to devise key Motion Graphic elements and bring them to life.
  • The team worked closely with the animator to devise multiple images and ways to inform the viewer, beyond the words on the page or the narration.

In the end, despite what could have been a relatively dry subject, the LifeWorks people were delivered a video that was vibrant and visually interesting.

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