My Shoe Hospital, the Largest Shoe Repair Company in the US, Receives More Manageable Website Design from Rip Media Group


A Long-Established, Yet Growing Company

My Shoe Hospital, a company that has been providing high-quality shoe repairs for over 100 years, allows customers to mail in their shoes or boots with a checklist of what needs to be fixed. The repairs are made very quickly and then returned to the customer as soon as possible.  It is the largest shoe repair company in the US with tens of thousands of customers.

My Shoe Hospital realized that purchasing products online was becoming much more advanced and convenient. They wanted to keep up with modern times while updating the look and feel of their website to create a more user-friendly experience for people to customize their shoe repairs. They also wanted to be able to manage and make changes to their website with relative ease once the site was complete.

Repairing Shoes and Websites

My Shoe Hospital approached RIP Media Group with a website development request and asked for an explainer video to go along with it.  The video tells the story of what the company does best – keeping your shoes and boots in tip-top shape. RMG worked with the design inspired by our client in order to:

1. Develop a custom configuration tool for their service that allows for a personalized repair order.

2. Create an animated explainer video for customers that highlights the joy of keeping your shoes looking like new.

3. Allow for easy, ongoing management and updating of the new website for our client.

Customers now find it hassle-free to place an order to repair their shoes and boots through, and they are getting great reviews.