Inner Danny DeVito (For Your Marketing Video)

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It is my contention that Joe Pesci stole part of Danny DeVito’s career. I mean, think about it. Every movie that Joe Pesci has been in, every role he’s played could have been played by Danny DeVito.

Well, I’m sure you could say that about a lot of actor pairs. But what’s more, I don’t think Danny DeVito cares. For one thing, he would never throw shade at Joe Pesci (nor would he ever call him “funny”). And for another thing, I don’t think Danny DeVito cares. After all, DeVito has done just fine, thank you very much. He has made quite a career out of, well, let’s just say, limited resources. Limited height, limited hair. But loads of energy and wonderful comedic talent.

So what does all this have to do with video marketing? I mean, that’s why we’re here, right. Well, when you think about successful people like Danny DeVito, you see people who succeed without making a big deal out of themselves.

They work with what they have, they work very hard at their craft, and they craft a likable persona that is specifically based on being the underdog.  Danny DeVito is not likely to get the girl in his movies; he’s not likely to beat up the bad guy and save the world. But he remains likable and successful.  He has created a niche for himself that absolutely works – all the way to the bank.

Sometimes you don’t have to be the hero.  Sometimes you don’t even have to try to be the hero.  Embrace who you are, including your faults.  Embrace your place in the world and make it work.  Embrace that inner Danny DeVito. Let Rip Media Group show you how.