3 Video Marketing Lessons Learned: R1 RCM “What?” – Motion Graphics Animation

3 Video Marketing Lessons Learned: R1 RCM “What?” - Motion Graphics Animation

R1 RCM (https://www.r1rcm.com) approached Rip Media Group to help with their video marketing efforts by creating a series of videos that explain how they help large hospitals and health organizations optimize their revenue by correcting billing mistakes and providing guidance on how to accurately protect their income.   Here are the 3 Lessons Learned from our work with R1 RCM.

  • Once we dove into their content, we realized how complex the aspects of their business were, as well as the benefit to their customers.  That helped us shape the three videos. This first one focused on the “What” of the company. In other words, the revenue integrity solution they provide.  Lesson: sometimes the true message is hidden deep within the content provided.
  • Our production team, including artist and animator, chose to use a clean interesting visual motif to help give the audience (filled with prospective clients) a better idea of what R1 RCM does for them and how much they can gain.  Lesson: sometimes simple and clean is better. 
  • With the help of the script and the aforementioned visual style, we helped them define their message.  Lesson: sometimes we help the client beyond video marketing and actually deeper into their sales cycle. 

In the end, the client enjoyed the finished product and it’s going to be used throughout their sales process. 

R1 RCM “What?” - Motion Graphics Animation

R1 RCM “What?” - Motion Graphics Animation

R1 RCM “What?” - Motion Graphics Animation

Video Transcription:

Revenue leakage is an expensive problem for healthcare organizations. To help us mitigate this, R1 Revenue Integrity Solutions provides gains of up to one and a half percent of your net patient revenue. And you’ll be able to see cash flow improvements within 60 days.

How? With our comprehensive technology-enabled service.

We ensure more complete charge capture by identifying incorrect coding and missing charges. This helps you uncover new revenue and prevents future leakage errors.

Chargemaster optimization ensures compliance while identifying opportunities that will drive more accurate payment across payers. This provides increased consistency within your billing structures. Through contract management and modeling we help you assess the impact of upcoming changes to contract, coding and pricing For managed care and government contracts. Now you can plan strategically.

The transfer DRG review evaluates all transfer eligible accounts to identify potential missing reimbursements. And with strategic pricing analysis we help you uncover opportunities to remain competitive in your market.

With this comprehensive set of tools, R1 delivers the expertise gained from working with the nation’s largest healthcare systems.

We leverage our proprietary technology and advanced analytics with our extensive project management experience to help you gain accurate reimbursements for the care you provide.

Find out how much revenue you can gain with our fast easy assessment today.