3 Video Marketing Lessons: Making a 2D Animation for SciLearn

SciLearn - Video Marketing

SciLearn, a leader in brain-based learning technology and research, asked Rip Media Group for help with their video marketing efforts. SciLearn wanted help explaining the complex science behind their learning program, Fast ForWord. 

Fast ForWord is a learning program that helps children promote learning that works with their mental processes, instead of against them. During Fast ForWard, children are taught to remap their neural networks more effectively. The result is a dynamite-like explosion in learning ability.  

Our work with SciLearn illustrates three core video marketing content creation principles exceptionally well. 

Old Information (and Stories) Don’t Age 

Let us clarify. 

The core of SciLearn’s message has always been the same. Similarly, the core tenets of a school curriculum don’t change very often – if at all. 

SciLearn uses psychology to help children individually remap their brains into a better shape for learning what they need to learn. Similarly, schools have always existed to educate children.

When SciLearn decided to rebrand, our challenge wasn’t to change their story – our challenge was to change the presentation of that story into something that better reflected the current state of the world. This follows one of RMG’s central tenets for effective advertising “C.O.R.E.,” which stands for “create once, reuse everywhere.”

With SciLearn, we made the old new again with an animation for education based on an imaginative reinterpretation of their brand. 

Stories Need Main Characters

Our work for SciLearn avoided a common pitfall that information filled, science-based, or explainer-type videos experience. How? 

Well, we gave the story a focus by writing in a main character.

With information-packed content, it’s easy to get lost in a fact-filled vortex of pure, unadulterated boredom. Your biggest enemies are numbers that pile up, lists that grow too long, and videos that can’t seem to find a theme to wrap their stories around. 

Your brain loves good storytelling. That’s why, in our animated video for SciLearn’s Fast ForWord program, we visually followed the life of a single student as they grew and matured. 

Using a single character to illustrate progression gives the viewer a narrative rock to grow and relate to as they move through the animated video. 

Using a main character, we were able to strike a balance between narrative and science. 

Producing Video Marketing Content Requires Time Management Skills

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Fast ForWord project got delayed. 

One of the more complex challenges we faced was keeping up with SciLearns evolving branding as we were trying to develop their new video for marketing. Balancing updates to the story and the time constraints we needed to hit as a business became a bottleneck of sorts on our 2D animation production process. 

Remember, you can edit forever, but perfection doesn’t always equal a perfect product. Videos also have to be released on time in order to be effective. So, it’s essential to know how to set boundaries and organize your time. The production depends on it. 

What Were the Results?

In the end, SciLearn was thrilled with how we addressed their struggles, distilled their messages, and presented their final story.  

They’re going to put the video we made on their new website to rebrand themselves and to attract new users. Our videos will also be used as key sales tools for introducing new potential users to the product through direct marketing. 

Whether you’re rebranding or you just want a great video, contact Rip Media Group for all your video marketing needs.



Video Transcription:

How do you build a skilled reader? Since learning happens in the brain, that’s where FastForword begins. The brain is changeable. With the right training any student’s brain can be rewired to turn learning challenges into strengths.

With neuroscience we can target and address the root causes of students’ language and reading struggles within the brain, leading to effective literacy and learning development.

Building a skilled reader requires multiple approaches taking place all at once. We develop the foundational cognitive skills alongside traditional reading skills like phonemic awareness and comprehension. 

Much like weaving a rope we intertwine and build these skills simultaneously to create effective results. The intensity frequency of practice and adaptive real-time feedback of our rigorous program builds academic tenacity and improves executive function to ensure results are enduring. And because these changes are in the brain the results last beyond the classroom. They last for life.

Schools choose Fast For-Word because our unique approach delivers effective and enduring results for any student in as little as forty to sixty hours of use.

Learn how to get Fast For-Word for your school. Call us today.