3 Ways To Break Down Barriers at Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Shows

What wall should you break? The wall of oppression?  Always a good one.  The glass ceiling?  Technically not a wall, but a good cause nonetheless.

How about the invisible wall around your virtual trade show booth?! Let’s start there.

Talking about your company with a prospect should be easy. Your prospect is only a single click away, after all. However, the truth is, that barrier is much more significant for many of your customers. 

No wrecking ball handy to smash their apprehension and earn their attention?  

Then lean on creativity! With trade shows, as with most things in life, first impressions are EVERYTHING.  

Don’t stress. You only need one WOW element. Sure, a whole WOW virtual trade show booth would be amazing, but we have to be practical too.

Here are a couple of virtual trade show booth ideas to stand out at your next function. 

1. Use Incredible Videos

Here’s a great video we made for Line-6 to use as their booth’s trade show video. 

The new virtual trade show format that is here to stay, according to Forbes, and, for virtual trade shows, video is more important than ever. 

We’ll even be bold enough to say that videos are now one of the ONLY things that matter. Your presenters will have avatars, and the booth no longer has to be constructed.

Make a statement with your video. Choose the one thing you will use to draw them in, puncture the bubble, and topple the wall. Maybe it’s your shiny new explainer video, an interactive demo, or wild video background.

Your main selling point is the story you can tell through the videos you show.

2. Offer Gifts

Sometimes, virtual trade shows can feel like empty spaces. We hate that helpless feeling! 

So, we recommend going with the time-honored tradition of giving gifts to entice customers to your booth! Give away small gift cards and other tokens of gratitude to potential partners you meet using nifty interactive video, like the one below, as part of your trade show strategy (the embed isn’t interactive, but the emailed version you create will be). We made this video using The Video Bot.

Bingo Bango – Pavlov’s your uncle! Your prospect walks away happy, and you’re one step closer to your next big move. 

3. Hold an Exclusive Panel

We’re sure that you’ve heard of professionally produced video conferencing by now. In fact, there’s so much potential for high-quality productions that we offer video conferencing services to rival TV Studio Setups (you can schedule us here https://ripmediagroup.com/contact). 

Consider hosting a professionally produced panel to draw in audience members from around the world.  

However, tinny mics and laptop cameras won’t wow and awe your potential buyers. We have two solutions you can use to elevate your production value. 

Hire the Pros

You can hire our professional video conferencing services to improve your production value dramatically. 

Our service takes care of your pre-production, post-production, equipment setup, and operation – removing the risk from you. 

We believe strongly in this solution. It’s perfect for looking as put together as possible.

Build A DIY Setup With Professional Guidance

A remote setup might work for you if you’re in a field that doesn’t expect Daily Show level production values or if you’re short on time. 

If you fall into any of the more DIY categories, we’ve put together a handy resource for you to reference and use. 

Of course, we also invite you to contact us if you need help!

Your Virtual Trade Show’s Story Starts Here

No matter which WOW factor you choose, implementing unique-authentically-YOU-ideas will open the door to conversation.  

Short on ideas? That’s ok – we’re here to help!

Whatever you decide for your virtual trade show – or whatever wall you decide to break – we’ll be happy to hear from you!