How To Effectively Monetize Your Business with Video Marketing


We all know how the internet works: one day no one knows your company or product exists, and the next day, your marketing video launches and your product and your product is selling like hotcakes. Thanks to video marketing, you can use your own voice, star in your own video or opt for an entirely hand-drawn scenario.

Which type of video you choose will depend upon your goals, but all professional forms can help you to establish your brand (I go over that in another blog). But first, I want to address how to make your marketing video reach the best of its potential and bring in more money to your business. Let’s get started–

Make a Good First Impression

Remember, first impressions are everything. Even if your company is working with a limited marketing budget, invest your money smart. If you look like you don’t invest in your own company, why would people invest in you?

Think about it—would you rather watch a professionally made, high-quality whiteboard animation video or a video filled with stock images or clip art, that was assembled on a smartphone?

I’d rather call the company that looks like they’re put together…The company that took the time to respect my purchase, so they post quality video and product on their site. People buy for subtle reasons, and you have about 30 seconds to keep or lose people when they land in your store (and we mean website).

Bring Solutions

If you’re selling a product or service, why should your audience buy it? Rip Media Group loves creating the arc of a good story. When we know the problem your audience is facing, we love telling them about the solution you have.

For example, let’s say your company is offering a new “sing-free” mouthwash. It’s perfect for people who don’t like swishing their mouth with an alcohol-based mouthwash, but still want to prevent cavities, gingivitis and plaque build-up. Great! Your story is already coming together! But how can people find your video in order to watch you present the answer they’re looking for? Keep reading…

Distributing Your Marketing Video

With a stellar whiteboard animation or another type of professionally-made video, there are plenty of options to distribute your video and have your message reach your target audience.

First, upload your video to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Utilize keywords and categories to increase your searchability.

Take your marketing video to social media. Facebook’s latest programming favors your marketing video if it is uploaded directly to Facebook. After you do that, blast your marketing video on all your social media accounts. Don’t forget to use hashtags! That’s how your target audience can search and find you. Facebook also offers Dynamic Advertising for specific products, which could be beneficial to your company. Want to know how it works? Check out my blog, “Boost Your Marketing Views with Facebook Dynamic Ads.”

But why stop there? There are more wants to reach your target audience. Online streaming channels like Hulu offer digital advertising packages that provide data-driven results. Netflix? Yes. Crackle? Easy. You get the picture. With a seamless, professionally-made marketing video, your internet marketing options are limitless.

Qualities of a Viral Video

While there’s no perfect formula for making a video go viral, humor, honesty, and a new twist certainly help. People like seeing things that haven’t been done before. Whiteboard animations are under-utilized and always original (because an artist hand-draws original images that illustrate your company’s specific story). While anything can go viral, whiteboard animation videos are definitely a type of marketing video that thinks outside the usual advertising box.

Ask your friends and family to share your company’s video—and ask them to ask five more friends to share it with people who might also need or enjoy the product or service you’re introducing to the world. The more people that share a video when it launches can help generate greater online traffic in “trending now” sections.

Create Backlinks

Backlinks can help create a wildly successful SEO campaign. Find ways to get your material and links uploaded or embedded on other websites. If and when you do, those web pages will basically be “vouching” for the legitimacy of your company.

The search engine optimization algorithm of Google, Yahoo, Bing and more, will recognize these backlinks and increase your company’s chances of appearing on their top pages. The more hits your website gets from those top pages will continue to boost the order in which your website appears. If you create several videos and post them on different sites, you will generate your own backlinks and help to keep them active. Soon your page will be listed in the number one spot on the front page of major search engines!

Before I move on, I want to mention that there is a bit of a hierarchy system when it comes to backlinks. Websites that have been around longer, get more hits and have established relationships with other websites and links will help your website more than a website that’s just starting out.

Avoid backlinks to spam websites that give your company little or no boost.

If you’re enjoying creating backlinks, take a look at SERP (a search engine results page), which is established by user-friendly search inquiries. You’ll notice a list of keyword queries that your business can use in its own material.

Build Personal Relationships with Your Customers

Now what outlets your marketing video uses to get the word out about your service or product, it’s most important to build a personal relationship with your customers. When they watch your video and call or email your business, treat them like a person instead of like a number. Be personable and show them your care.

While a marketing video will greatly increase your exposure, a caring business will find a greater conversion rate and score sales.

Are you or your company thinking about your next marketing video? Maybe you don’t just have one idea in mind, but a few! Rip Media Group is happy to help work with your budget and coordinate the next steps to your effective video marketing campaign. If you would like help producing your video, our production team can answer any of your questions. Just reach out to us!

Remember, your story starts here!