Going up! 5 Surprising and Secret Ways to Elevate Your Video Marketing

Going up! 5 Surprising and Secret Ways to Elevate Your Video Marketing

Is video marketing worth it?

In short, YES! To quote from our market analysis last year…

  1. 70% of businesses increased their video marketing. 
  2. 82% percent of traffic from searches came from videos. 
  3. Online video platforms like YouTube and Facebook are more popular than cable.
  4. The younger generations (18-34) will drop what they’re doing to watch new online content they care about. 

Those are some incredible numbers! You can read more about how great video is in the full article here

So, video marketing is absolutely worth it. Now, how do you make engaging videos that convert the new customers you’re trying to attract? We’ll let you in on a couple of our industry secret tips for video marketing right now to help you down that path. 

1. Make Your Customer the Hero

We don’t live in the ’90s anymore. Everyone has access to the internet and a wealth of online reviews. You can’t just tell your customers what you would like them to hear anymore. Well, you can.  But they have ways of fact-checking you.  So instead, you have to draw them in with an emotional connection so that they’re compelled to learn more about your product specifically. 

The best way to do that? Make your customer the hero of your story! Honestly, this sounds counterintuitive. You make your product, so you should get the accolades… right? 

Well, not quite. If you spend all of your energy proclaiming your greatness, then no one will want to work with you! Instead, you need to fill your company’s stories with great examples of how your products make your customers better, faster, stronger, and more adept at what they want to do. 

You need to be the utility belt to their Batman. Grab the bat-marketing video tips, Robin!

2. Use Emotion to Tell Your Story

Following the same theme, the faster you can connect with your prospects, the sooner you’ll earn sales and return customers. 

We have a specific acronym that we use to describe the emotions you can harness to win your customers’ hearts and minds. (What kind of marketing company would we be without one?) We call it “The S.T.U.F.F.”

That stands for “sexy, touching, unique, funny, and fear.”

Watch this quick video for a great breakdown of how you can use each emotion effectively in your marketing. 

All great movies use a formula very similar to this one as well. The only significant difference between using emotions in movies and emotions in digital video marketing is the variety in the emotions you’re able to use. Movies will use all five to make their point; you’ll most likely only be able to focus on one. 

So, choose the emotion that fits your brand and drill down into it with laser-like focus!

3. You Need to Catch Attention FAST

Your viewers click away within the first 10 seconds if you’re not grabbing their attention. So, you need to get right to the core component or the fundamental emotional impact of your message within the first 10 seconds of any video you create. 

If you can do that in 5 seconds, then you’re a frickin’ genius! 

Then, after you get your key message out there, how do you hold your viewer’s attention? You have to be polarizing!

Don’t be afraid to take a stand on an issue. Many companies are fearful of alienating a potential customer base. What they fail to realize is, if you’re not taking a stand that your current customer base agrees with, then you’ll never reach your core demographic anyway. 

Don’t be caught lacking with a bland, plain-oatmeal type of message. Get out there and show your customer’s your core values! The people who matter to you will show up and represent. 

Here’s another quick video about how polarizing messages can work in your favor. 

4. Use Educational Marketing

What’s educational marketing?

Educational marketing is a philosophy that focuses on giving your customers helpful information upfront (such as a blog… yes, like this one). By providing your customers with excellent information that they can use to improve their lives, you show them that you trust and respect their judgment. You can read an in-depth explanation in our blog here as well.

Like we’ve been saying, sales are about building a connection between you and your customers. That principle has been true throughout time. It’s not just a new phenomenon. Now consider this. 65% of your potential customers are visual learners. 

Make a great educational marketing video, and you’ll seriously elevate your chances of converting your prospects. 

5. Use Online Video Marketing to Improve Your SEO

Did you know that videos are great for your SEO?

Video’s give you a convenient excuse to bump up your on-page text and improve your chances of being seen by Google’s algorithms. Every time you upload a video for the first time, include a transcription! 

This simple step allows Google to see what’s happening in the video above. Google has recently started giving video results more priority, so this single step can help you start appearing in more searches 

Next, create a video sitemap. A video sitemap helps Google find your videos that much easier. 

Finally, video on your website seriously helps you start building backlinks. If you make a good video, people will want to use it in their blogs and other locations. When those writers embed that video on their website, then that embed usually comes with a backlink. 

So, if you want to be found, video is a crucial tool. 

How Will You Be Improving Your Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the present and future of the marketing world. We genuinely hope that you found some of these video marketing tips helpful. If you want to learn even more, consider taking our video marketing course! In Lights, Camera, Sales, we cover everything you need to know from your logline to scriptwriting to sound design.

If you’d like to talk with us further about video marketing for your company, reach out! Your story starts here.