Inspire With Video!

Inspire with Video

In my previous blog, “Creating Powerful Stories in Whiteboard Animation Videos,” I discussed the science behind storytelling and how humans respond to advertisements that have empathy and creative imagery.

If you take a look, you’ll notice most of my recommendations for your whiteboard animation video had to do with creative imagery and how video marketing productions can use setting, color, the tone of voice, music, and direction to elicit a response for their viewers.

Seems pretty touchy-feely, right?  Well, consumers most often select companies to buy from based on how brands make them feel, as opposed to studying reviews, prices, and other data.

So, I’d like to further examine an audience’s empathetic response to video marketing. This type of advertising goes beyond an informational explainer video, and marketing teams should access whether their brand wants to invoke a positive or negative reaction from their viewers; and just so you know, a “negative” response can sometimes actually be used to your company’s benefit.

Emotional Responses



One of the most popular times for joyful video marketing is the holiday season.

Christmas cheer is very real for consumers. It’s a time for enjoying time with friends and family and giving presents. Who likes presents? Everyone.

What do you get in return when you give? Joy.  What do you get in a box? Joy.


Anxiety in American is at an all-time high. Some people blame anxiety on the need to “Keep up with the Jones’s’,” fast-paced working environment, the state of the nation, a lack of spirituality, or even a lack of gratitude with what we’ve been given. Whatever the cause, advertisers use video marketing to help their viewers feel a sense of peace.


By promoting solutions to their problem, you feel a sense of calm. I’m not talking about pharmaceutical commercials promoting anti-anxiety medication. If your widget is on its last legs, a widget dealership’s latest ad might show someone who is struggling with repair costs and offer a finance-friendly solution for you.

Their solution brings comfort and your viewers believe that this company really cares about its customers.  Double win


Many consumers appreciate videos that champion the public good. That’s why compassion is one of the most popular emotional responses for charitable organizations. For instance, ASCPA is well known for their slow montage of sad-looking animals while playing “Angel” by Sara McLachlan in the background. Why have they played that commercial for years? Because it pulls on people’s heart-strings to adopt an animal or donate.


Whether it’s the latest Victoria Secret ad, a new sensual-smelling perfume or yet again, the latest sports car, video marketing to target people’s indulges has worked for decades. Yet, the idea that “sex sells” isn’t always the best direction. Times are changing, but passion is different, it is alluring, it is attractive, and it is desirable.

Passion and envy are best of friends in advertising. When some people see something they desire with great fervor, they’ll do whatever they can to get it. Your video marketing scheme may best show potential customers that they’ll be just as successful as the guy driving that new Audi R8 coupe.


One of the popular responses during election season. Political candidates will sling words of discord against one another in order to rile up the opponent or the viewers watching their commercial. When people sense injustice, they want to do something about it. Political candidates often incite anger in their viewers in order to get them to the voting polls.


Ever heard of F.O.M.O.? It stands for Fear Of Missing Out. And that’s exactly what some video marketing teams want you to feel. This tactic is commonly used in vacation destination spots or local attractions. You’ll also notice attractions normally have a deadline for their special sales, so if you don’t get your annual pass now, you’ll miss out on the deal. Invoking fear can lead people to act quickly, but it might not be the right response you want for your video marketing…

How to do you know what is the best emotion to capitalize on your brand?

It varies on a number of factors, including 1) The service you are providing 2) The result that is being sold, and 3) The call to action you want to tell your consumers to make.

There is always a captivating story to tell and that story should always lead your viewers to take action! Do you want them to pick up the phone? Buy something? Donate to your cause?

Don’t know the answers? Our team can help. Already know the answers? Contact us to get going on your new video marketing series.  Our team of professional storytellers know what works well and what doesn’t; what will elicit an emotional response and what won’t.

I’m always open to welcoming ideas from my clients, as our job is to create a video marketing strategy that will help your company succeed.

At Rip Media Group, we can really let emotions fly. With honesty and sincerity, our expert portrayals of your company’s compassion will evoke laughter, tears and warm, bubbly feelings all around.  Rip Media Group, your story starts here!