The 1-2 Punch of Marketing Conversions

The 1-2 Punch of Marketing Conversions

Bear with me on this one, but getting more marketing conversions is a lot like boxing. 

You can adopt a couple of styles. You can rush your audience, you can outlast them, or you can outbox them in a game of mental chess. 

Still, no matter your style, every K.O. ends in a flurry of limbs—with several short JABS or a feint followed by an UPPERCUT. And then stand over your opponent and taunt them.  Okay, maybe that took the analogy too far.

The Opening Jab 

You need an opener to your K.O punch—something flashy or something sly. 

A knuckle duster darting in when they least expect it. 

Your opener is an appeal to emotion. We’ve been saying this for years; your opening blow has to have The S.T.U.F.F.. S.T.U.F.F. is our acronym for the five best emotions you can target – sexy, touching, unique, funny, and fear. 

We go into an in-depth explanation of The S.T.U.F.F. in “Lights, Camera, Sales: The Masterclass,” our video marketing masterclass, but just knowing the core emotions, for now, is enough. 

Appealing to emotion often makes your customer FEEL like a character from a Rocky movie. They feel like they…

  5. Want to TRY and then BUY

All because you told them an incredible fantastic story that appealed to emotion. If you can tell a story that highlights transformation instead of features, then you’re in an even better spot.

Research shows that listening to stories helps your audience form “neural couplings.” The more you can promote “neural coupling” with your audience, the more connected to you they feel. 

There it is, your opening. Stage lights stream through the crack in your audience’s guard—you’ve taken the first step to increase conversions.

Time to launch the second punch. 

The Finishing Blow

There’s a reason why a boxing metaphor works so well in a marketing environment. Often, marketing, like boxing, is a calculated numbers game. Here, it’s no different. 

Your “second punch” should be more like a flurry. In short, you need a good video ad that makes your customers stop and take notice. Then your audience needs to see that video 1.6-2.5 times a day per customer – as I covered in an article on CEO World. You should be showing them empathy, offering solutions, and making their life better. 

1.6-2.5 is the magic number range for digital marketing conversions. If you show your video ad more, your audience gets fatigued. If you show the video less, your audience forgets. 

That’s also why we want you to be a boxer and NOT a rusher. Anyone can throw a barrage of punches. Only a carefully researched advertising conversion strategy can throw punches that land.

That’s also why your brand story should be at the very core of your marketing strategy. Once a customer converts to your site, landing page, etc., they need to have the message you’ve told reinforced immediately!

Finally, always remember the following—your story isn’t about how cool and nifty your brand is. Your story is about how well you fill in the gaps in your customer’s lives. 

Bobbing and Weaving Through The Ad Space

Being unique is a good thing. Embrace it! Do like we say in Hollywood.

Embrace your inner Danny Devito.”

Look at what makes you unique and use it to rise to the top. Embrace yourself, ‘flaws’ and all. No one’s perfect, so you shouldn’t try to be. 

Also, remember—features fade, and stories stay.

Your story starts here. Reach out today to ask any questions you might have about marketing conversions and video, and be ready to obey our commands at all times.