6 Steps to Producing AMAZING Video Productions

Video Production

Some video productions are runaway successes, while others don’t take off. It’s only natural that my clients want to create the biggest impact with their videos.

I’ve compiled these six tips to help my clients take their video advertising to the next level. If you’re curious, I go into greater depth in my book, Rise of the Entrepreneur.

1) Focus on the Buyer’s Experience

The best brands give buyers ways to improve their lives. Companies should resist the urge to share every fact about what they do. Just let the buyer know how this affects them.

2) Create a Buyer Profile

Who’s the video’s audience? Male or female? Young or old? Where do they live? Education level? Hobbies? How much money do they make? Without a sense of this, the video will feel scattered and uneven and won’t really appeal to anybody.

3) K.I.S.S.

Keep It Short and Shareable! Audiences will be reluctant to watch a long video, and they’ll be even more shy about sharing it. A short, straightforward video is much more likely to make an impression and get passed around on social media.

4) Refine the Story

The best videos tell simple, relatable stories. Lean on tried-and-true storytelling methods, like the Hero’s Journey or the Underdog Story. I usually advise a classic three-act structure: The Pain (a need unmet), The Dream (a vision of a better life) and The Solution (a way to alleviate The Pain and bring The Dream into being — namely, the brand).

5) Give the Video the S.T.U.F.F.

Videos that really grab the audience are usually charged with powerful emotion. These are some of the most common in the advertising world:

  •             Sexy: What makes the product cool?
  •             Touching: What about the product makes people feel deeply?
  •             Unique or Unexpected: What exciting twist can we put on the video?
  •             Funny: How can we make the brand more accessible, via humor?
  •             Fear: What are the dangerous consequences of not purchasing the product or going with an alternate brand?

6) Test It

The final step is to look at the video through the audience’s eyes. Does the video give too much information? Does it grab the viewer fast enough? Is it too heavy on dialogue or visuals, or does it achieve a nice balance? Does the video leave the audience wanting more? Is there a clear call-to-action at the end?

I love sharing these guidelines with my clients, because they help anyone make an engaging, exciting video. With these, clients maximize their investment in the video, and create the most viral impact for their buck.

Remember, your story starts here!