Client Review: Video Production for Global Tech Company (Cisco)

Video Production for Global Tech Company (Cisco)

Rip Media was asked to create a series of animated explainer videos for Cisco fiber optical pathways and connectivity. Very interesting stuff, and it is meant as pure education for their staff. The work included scripts and storyboards based on technical information provided by the company.  The work/collaboration resulted in the following ratings from Cisco:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And the Cisco team provided the following review:

We were trying to create a set of animated explainer videos as tutorials because we are in the networking industry and we manage the optics. While people in this industry know a lot about networking, sometimes the optics knowledge base gets overlooked. So we wanted to create a set of simple videos to help introduce some basic optics ideas to our customer base.

We created the basic content, and then they provided the skillset to visualize the concepts and helped create a narrative. 

Then they produced the videos with graphic designers and audio editors. So, they provided the talent base to take our concepts and make it into an animated video that we could post online. It would be our responsibility to create the technical content, because it is a very technical topic by nature, and I worked with them to create the script and the storyboards for about 10 videos.

We worked with 6–7 different people who got involved at different points in the process.

Working with their CEO was very easy. He was just very easy to get along with and whenever something would come up, it was just a matter of talking to him and we’d figure out some kind of a solution. We had a lot of internal Cisco restrictions on things like colors and the style of the graphics and they worked with us quite a bit to make sure that we weren’t breaking any of these rules. They were very good about being flexible and providing whatever it was that our team within Cisco required.

We had weekly meetings and they engaged very closely with me. I was the main point of contact at Cisco and pretty much anything that was happening I was made aware of.

The videos Rip Media created improved our ability to educate our customer base about our products.

Rip Media delivered on their promises in a timely, efficient manner. Their videos significantly improved the company’s ability to showcase and explain technical information to its customers, receiving lots of positive feedback in the process. They were also easy and great to work with overall.