Different Qualities You Should Look for in a Video Production Company

Video Production Company

With the rise of social media, digital marketing has exploded. Video marketing specifically allows businesses to promote themselves to millions of potential customers. While anyone can make a video, not everyone can produce quality content.

While top-quality videos might not be necessary for your personal vlog or social media posts, professionally-made videos attract the better customers. Cheap or poorly-produced videos can damage your brand image and turn away a potential customer. For this reason, it’s important to choose a reputable video production company for your marketing needs.

So, how do you choose the right one?


Remember, your reputation is at stake — you should expect and demand the best of your chosen company.

How long have they been producing videos?

Who are their clients?

What kind of videos do they specialize in?

Are the references on the website (and 3rd party sites) companies with high standards?

Rip Media Group has been producing videos for 11 years and specializes in all kinds of video marketing; whiteboard animation videos, explainer videos, corporate videos, live-action narrative, etc.

Creative Storytelling

It’s imperative to hire a video production company who have professional screenwriters. The storytellers at Rip Media Group develop storylines that best fit your video marketing goal. We want your whiteboard animation or explainer video to captivate your audience’s attention.  You only have one shot, so our goal is to capture the right attention, at the exact right time.

While you’re checking out a production company’s work, make sure you look at multiple samples…not just the showreel or ‘best of’ videos…Then, ask yourself—“am I entertained and informed by this?”

You should definitely answer “yes.” Avoid video production companies that use the same idea over and over again. While similar style is okay (i.e. whiteboard animation), each story will be different.

At Rip Media Group, our stories are specific to you and your company because your company is unique! We’re an innovative team who will bring you fresh ideas.


Experienced video production companies will know how to manage your budget well. At Rip Media Group, I love helping clients find the wisest solutions for their pocketbooks. I want to maximize your video marketing investment. I don’t want you to have sacrifice quality even if your budget is on the lower end of things.

There are always solutions to your problems and my team and I love finding them. Video production is an investment worth making. The quality of your video needs to be memorable.  So, if you have questions or concerns about your budget, don’t let that hold you back from making a call to learn more.

The good news is, the money you invest in your video marketing will pay off. Quality video with strategic marketing (I go over the importance of strategy below) is the perfect equation for success.

So don’t be afraid to invest in video marketing. Greater online exposure will lead to greater potential sales.

Customer Service and Care

Clients and the video production company should have a mutual respect for one another.  When you work with Rip Media Group, we want to maintain a positive team vibe and push the project to completion with the highest quality.  It is a tough balancing act, but after 1,000 projects, we feel we offer best in class service  (and have had this verified). My team and I want to support your company’s ideas, but also give you honest feedback.

You are our priority.  Healthy communication is key—all professional companies should answer your calls, your emails, and your questions and want you to succeed…not just push for copmletion.

Because when you thrive, we thrive as well. It’s important for us to build positive relationships with all of our clients. We don’t just want to work with you one project, what we want is to collaborate on a number of creative projects.

That way, I know your video marketing is up-to-date, consistent will help build your company’s online presence and reputation.

So ask yourself the same thing—“Is this a production company I would want to work with again? Do I see myself working with them long-term?” Once you find a team you love, you know you can trust their work and hire them for your next project.


Finally, professional video marketing companies need to have a strategy. If they’re compiling a series of whiteboard animation videos for you to promote, they should know how each video connects to one another. They need to where each video will be distributed and how to capitalize on the outlet of your choice.

The whole purpose of video marketing is for your target audience to find your video and watch it, learn, and take action.

Have fun collaborating on strategies with your team—after all, video marketing is exciting!

Finding a great video production company may seem like an impossible task but it will prove rewarding once the fruits of your labor flourish. Take it from us — we understand what it means to be a top-rated video production company. We’ve been listed in the Top 10 of Video Production Companies in LA for the past 2 years.


Whether you’re looking to make a whiteboard animation video, live-action narrative or explainer video, Rip Media Group has the experience you’re looking for. For us, the success of our clients is the main priority.

If you are ready to further your business reach with video, remember your story starts here!