Finding The Right Video Production Company In 2020

Finding The Right Video Production Company In 2020

Finding the right video production company in 2020 to produce your company’s videos takes time. Seems like an easy task, right? Wrong.  You see, once you’ve had a look around, it is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed. 

That’s why, at Rip Media Group, we’re leveraging our years of practical experience for your benefit.

So, to start framing your search correctly, read this blog! 🙂 

What You Should Look For In Video Production Companies

Above all, your video must tell the right STORY and your story-telling ability 100% depends on which company tells it. And for that, you want a video production that has done this before – a lot. Here are some signs that you’re looking in the right direction.

Customer Care Is What You Should Be Caring About

Business is a dog-eat-dog world, so it’s good to have a partner who has your back. The number one thing we recommend is looking for a video marketing company that you feel you can trust. 

When you reach out, does the company respond promptly? Are they courteous and easy to understand? In short, your early connections with them should be like a first date.  And if all goes well, you can get them to propose.  Well… ask them for a proposal.  Or stalk them online- I mean,  explore their website so that you can get to know them even better. 

A good page to head toward first is a portfolio page. The Rip Media Group portfolio page is a good example of what you should be looking for. 

If you like what you see, then it’s time to move forward!

How Available Are They?

When you reach out to a new video marketing company, it’s important to ask about their bandwidth. Can this business keep up with the work that you need done? 

Ask them how many projects they’re comfortable working on at one time. It’s important to enter a partnership with realistic time frames provided by both parties. If the time frames don’t match up, then it might be time to move on.

Even the best video creation company will fall behind if they’re overworked. 

Looking For Transparency 

How much attention will the video creation company give you in the creation process and do they provide a breakdown of costs? Normally, the more transparent a company is, the better. 

From your initial communications, it should be obvious how transparent the video company you’ve reached out to is willing to be. 

You are well within your rights to ask for an itemized quote from the video creation company before asking for a proposal. 

Next, look closer at the video company’s proposal. How many revisions are you allowed and at what stages can you offer feedback? 

If you’re comfortable with the amount of transparency, it’s time to move forward!

Experiencing The Better Things

Vetting your next video advertising company is easy with review sites like Clutch at your disposal.   Clutch even has an entire guide dedicated to finding the right company. Naturally has a good guide for finding companies on Clutch as well. 

Ask yourself questions like “how long has this video company been creating client videos?” and “do they have the skill and expertise to tell the stories that will sell in our market?” 

Here are some samples from the hundreds of video stories we have created for clients, separated by style so you have a reference to use during your search for the right video marketing company:

  1. Live Action Video Production
  2. Mixed Styles
  3. 3D Motion Design & Animation

If a company is worth their salt, they’ll often give you a guide like this Rip Media Group Interactive Overview. It includes examples, our process, pricing samples, and a bit of our history.  

Giving You Insight Into Our Process

All this advice boils down to a combination of the amount of knowledge you can gather and the connection that you can forge with the video production company you would like to work with. The more you have of both, the better off you will be. 

You can also reach out to us to see if we meet your requirements (*wink*).