What Kind of Video Sells? Whiteboard Animation


The type of video presentation that you need to achieve your goals will depend heavily on what you want that video to achieve. Some media are simply friendlier or are easier to use when trying to explain something visually. This is why whiteboard animations are so popular, they are simple to understand and they typically offer a touch of humor as well.

How do you make an animated marketing video that gives you good ROI? Here are some basic pointers.

Make Your Marketing Video Shine
Just because you are using animation doesn’t mean you can ignore the basics.

  • Keep it short. Although browsers will watch a video longer than they will take to read an article, try to keep your video to two minutes. Quick paced action and easy to understand messages will keep their attention. If more information is needed, connect to more videos.
  • Target the problem. You want to offer a solution that creates an instant “aha” experience; the kind of answer that appears to be that better mousetrap.
  • Get the script right. You don’t have time to hem and haw as you present your video. Know what you want to tell the customer and then tell them. This is one area where a production company can really help.
  • Narrow your objectives. It is easier, and much more effective, to create different videos for different purposes. An explainer video shouldn’t try to introduce another product, and a marketing video doesn’t need to offer training advice.

Find the Right Animation Agency
Look for a company with plenty of experience producing and disseminating videos of all types, but especially whiteboard animation. Not only will they have the setup to produce a quality video, they will have the knowledge needed to get it out in the spotlight.

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