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Video Tech

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From Digital Assistants to the latest and greatest APPS; Robot Vacs to self-driving cars, Virtual Reality goggles to all things SpaceX and beyond, it is quite clear that technology is taking the day – and the next day – and the next.  Tech has saturated today and permeated tomorrow.  


Its makes our lives easier!  It enhances while it simplifies.  It teaches and directs.  


Think about all of the advances in technology that brought you to this very moment. Chances are you are reading this blog on some kind of screen. Radio and newspapers paved the way, the telegraph paved their way and so on. Human beings love communication.  


We crave story, information, truth.  Technology enhances our communication. It has become a platform from which we can launch our ideas and effectively communicate our message to the masses.

For those in the technology industries, the key is to keep your “tech story” simple in order for your user to understand and buy in.  Reiterate how this specific technology will improve their life, simplify or bring ease. Clear story is everything.


Video has single handedly changed the way we communicate, shop, eat, purchase, research, learn, inform, and educate ourselves. Hollywood stars of yesterday now have smaller fan bases than Instagram stars, Youtube Video Bloggers and key influencers.

The statistics for video marketing are staggering.  The shift from word heavy content to image dense illustrations is here to stay and increasing daily.  Still need convincing?  

Take a look at these stats:


89% of consumers research information on products, businesses, or services, prior to making a purchase.  Results that showcase video are picked up above text or graphic content!


Studies show that if you only stimulate the auditory sense, only 10% of that information is retained.  But by stimulating both the visual and the auditory senses, the rate of retention increases to 68%.


The majority of decision makers use video to enhance their research on a new hire or vendor.


Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic, 40% access video via tablet, and 60% with their smart phones.

Take a look at this infographic we designed based on B2B video and sales increases video creates.   Here’s another simply stated infographic on Why Video is Vital.


Imagining where technology will take us is a grand adventure.  Embracing the future of communication with video is just the beginning.  We all have a story,  an odyssey, an expedition.   How will you communicate yours?  How will the incredible capabilities of visual imagery shape your video?  The possibilities are truly endless!   

Wherever technology takes us, we will boldly go!  In our time working with hundreds of tech companies, we have perfected the art of combining clear video communication with compelling content.  At Rip Media Group, our team of tech-savvy storytellers, are anxiously waiting to tell your story. Video is the heart of what we do.

The future of video is moving well beyond linear story structure.  In past blogs we have discussed engaging the Hero’s Journey and basic story structure.  As a reminder, in a basic outline:

Intro: Establish the World and Hero

Act 1: Life changing event / The pain

Act 2: The quest / journey

Act 3: Redemption / solution for Hero (and Call To Action)

UPDATE 8.5.2020 Personalized Interactive Video

By building on those basics and adding newer formats such as Personalized Video, Interactive and Virtual Reality, the future of video is about to explode!  

Pricing is dropping, bandwidth is expanding, and consumers are demanding a personalized journey. If you don’t start utilizing advanced video, your competitors will.  

TRY IT: If you want to see a personalized video with YOUR NAME and YOUR COMPANY included in the video – just email Info@ripmediagroup.com – and we will send one to you.  

In our campaigns, engagement is exploding…up to 300%-500% over linear video and email.

Watch how simple story (not big budget or fancy code) unpacks tech in the videos we created for LoJack, LexisNexis, and a personalized video for Challenger Sports below.

The Sky’s The Limit from The Video Bot on Vimeo.

Challenger Sports Personalized Video from Rip Media Group from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

Have any questions or want to discuss further?  Just call or email us – anytime! 310.944.6195 info@ripmediagroup.com

It’s time to tell your tech story.  With Rip Media Group, your journey begins today!

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