The Four Best Methods To Using Video Marketing – Ever!

Best Methods to Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is what we do best here at Rip Media Group. Videos come in many forms – not just in terms of animation or live action, but they serve many different purposes. Having an explainer video to introduce your product or service is great, but there are other reasons to have a video put together, all of which can help drive more eyeballs and revenue to your company.

Show Off Your Research

A really well researched white paper is a great asset for lead generation. Look through your white papers and e-books to see what information would work as a great, animated video – something that serves as a great taster for potential clients. Not many people have the time to read research papers so by offering it up in easily digestible video chunks you will reach a much wider audience.

App Promotion

We live in the App Age with apps for pretty much everything. Did you know that Apple’s App Store just hit 100 billion downloads? That’s earned developers over $30 billion dollars! So how does your app get seen in all that noise? You need to promote it. The app store allows developers the ability to upload 15-30 second-long app preview videos. But don’t stop there. Create a longer video with more bells and whistles to explain your app that can go on other social media platforms.

Digital Ad Campaigns

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create all new video productions. Just re-purpose the one you had us make for you.  You can use it as everything from a YouTube ad to a promoted social post. And here’s a trick; make animated videos work for you by making them just as engaging without sound. You know how when you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed you see videos that play without sound until you stop and click on them for a further look? Well ask yourself why people would want to click on it if they can’t hear it. It’s because it looks amazing.


Use a video production to tell your story and combine it with a crowdfunding campaign. If you’re trying to raise money, people won’t donate until they hear your story and connect with you. Why else will they reach into their wallet? Animated videos stand out so try one of those.

So there you go. Four different ways to utilize video so work them up in your marketing plans. Better yet, work Rip Media Group into those marketing plans too as we can (and do) deliver!