Top 8 Video Production Mistakes And How To Fix ‘Em Part 1

Video Production Mistakes Part 1

You’re about ready to make your all-important video production. It’s going to tell the world about your company – about what you do and how you do it SO much better than everyone else (because you do!), and you can’t wait to share it! Well slow down there a little because there’s always the chance someone somewhere is going to make a mistake – and we here at RipMedia Group are here today to help you avoid those problems.

So shall we get into it? Here we go!


You’ve polished the script so hard it hurts. You’ve made sure it covers all the business points you have. It couldn’t make what you do any clearer. Only…um… is it interesting? This is the internet! People have very short attention spans. Do you know how many people have already stopped reading this blog? Too many! All because they’ve got other pages to click and places to be. So make sure your script is as interesting and imaginative as possible. Only then can you guarantee some semblance of an audience. Oh, and by the way, how else are you gonna make it “go viral?” The more interesting it is, the more people are going to want to share it.


Okay, we get it, your products were built by people with degrees in Being Brilliant from that really fancy school that the people who went to Yale only WISHED they could get into. But if you’re going to use all them’ fancy words and tech jargon then your audience – you know, those people without the degrees but with the money – ain’t going to understand you. So make sure to keep those scripts as simple as possible.


Every good – and we mean GOOD – story or piece of video production connects with an audience on an emotional level. It makes people laugh. Or think. Or cry. So if you’re going to stand there pointing to your business and all of its wonderful services, make sure your audience gets the feels.


One of the most important things to any video production is an audience. So you need to put in the leg work to ensure people are going to see it. This means blogging, Tweeting, retweeting, commenting, sharing, Instagraming, Pinteresting, Facebooking, etc etc and etc. And we’re not talking about after your video production’s been posted; we mean RIGHT NOW. No time is too early to build an audience – and wouldn’t it be nice to drop your video into a pool of people who are all waiting to see it?

We’ll pick up the next four video production mistakes and how to fix them in Part Two!

Remember – your story starts here (and continues in the next post).