The Video Mirror Ball

The Video Mirror Ball

Video is a mirror ball.  Let me back up that statement with a walk down memory lane. Do you remember your first school dance? Chances are high, it was inside a hot, sweaty gymnasium. Most likely, at the beginning of the evening, the lights went down. Then, all of a sudden, the mirrored ball hanging from the ceiling started throwing tiny slivers of light all over the room. Maybe the spectacle drew a few gasps from your classmates.  Mirror ball magic.  Just like video.

A great marketing video will be just as memorable. And, like a disco ball, such a video can be simple, yet its effects can be far-reaching.

In another way, a mirrored ball is an apt metaphor for an outstanding promotional video. When you shine a spotlight on this slowly-turning orb, its mirrored pieces reflect that light, each in a slightly different direction. Similarly, when you’re developing videos for your brand, you’re essentially projecting your products and your company’s values onto them; those clips then send those concepts to your viewers.

How could a video reflect your corporate values? Here are just a few examples. If you manufacture products that are especially strong, you could show how they remain intact even after a car runs over them. If you’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, you might portray people smiling inside your store. If your business is open 24 hours a day, you could depict your employees working under a nighttime sky. You get the idea.

Apparently, the mirrored ball debuted in 1897, at a party for electrical union members near Boston. Then, in 1924, an inventor filed a patent for this decoration. Since then, these balls have never gone out of style. Digital marketing videos have likewise enjoyed great popularity, and they’re also here to stay.

Of course, promotional videos should be crisp and elegant. It’s helpful if they can provide some fun and laughter as well, just like an evening dancing under a disco ball.

The best marketing videos have a magical feeling. It’s similar to the magic you experience on a night when you get to dance with a special someone, a shimmering mirrored ball high overhead. Ready to reflect your light?  Your story starts here!