Your Best Consumers are on the Phone: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Video Marketing Reaches Them

Best Consumers on Phone

Website? Check. Facebook page? Check. Video marketing campaign? Check. Steady stream of new customers? Don’t answer that. The old rules of digital marketing still apply, and based on the first three questions, you’re doing it right. But you’re missing an explosive new market: mobile.

Consumers are on their phones, and according to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile ad spending is set to hit over $10 billion this year. Time to get in on that. Here are three ways to get your video marketing campaign—and that steady stream of new customers—mobilized.

1. Target Your Mobile Advertising

When it comes to mobile advertising for small businesses, think hyper-local. Optimize your web page videos with geo-tagged keywords, limit your Google AdWords bids by neighborhood and keep it to fifteen characters. Once customers click through to your website, greet them with a web page video. Keep it short, present it in a style that is easy to see on small screens (think: whiteboard animation) and end with a call to action.

2. Up Your Social Media Game

Video is both the most engaging and most shareable form of media. Increase the visibility and extent of a snappy video marketing campaign by promoting across social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are good places to start. These messaging channels broaden small businesses’ opportunities to reach new and existing customers where they already are.

3. Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly

Your best customer is already out and about near you. Optimizing your website and video marketing campaign for mobile views will help capture and convert that market.

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