Real Entertainment: The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021

Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl brings us together and this year was no different. Maybe it’s just us, but having the chance to watch a game with loved ones again (safely of course), really gave us a sense of stability that this year has been lacking. 

Still, while the Super Bowl is incredible I think we all know that the Super Bowl ads are better. 

Every year (well, most years now) roughly 1.25 billion wings, 28 million pounds of chips, and 8 million lbs of guac go into my belly while watching the Super Bowl.  No, actually, that’s what all Americans combine to eat during the Super Bowl.

Still, those numbers are dwarfed by the money advertisers spend on Super Bowl Sunday ads… and it shows. After all, if you’re paying $5.5 million for a 30-second ad spot, then your commercial better be the best of the best.

Here are the three best Super Bowl ads of 2021 and three runner ups. 

1st Place: Jessica Long’s Story by Toyota

Toyota spends most of its time with this ad, not talking about themselves at all. Instead, they honor the life and hard work of 23-time medalist, paralympic swimming champion Jessica Long

Watch this short video for a masterclass in emotional advertising…. Or watch it just because Jessica Long is incredible. 

Without a doubt, this commercial was our favorite commercial of the year.

2nd Place: Sketchers – Tony Romo’s Max Cushioning

Remember Tony Romo? If you do, we’re sure that you know he goes above and beyond – he goes to the MAX. Sketchers took advantage of Romo’s image to talk about their new line of MAX comfort shoes. Through hyperbole, humor, and incredible characters, Sketchers nearly stole the show.

Sketchers takes second place in our lineup of the best Super Bowl commercials this year. 

3rd Place: Alexa’s Body

Alexa? Which team won the Super Bowl? 


No one knows who won because we were all too busy watching Michael B. Jordan in Amazon’s Super Bowl ad “Alexa’s Body.” Michael B. Jordan stars as a homewrecking automated AI in what might be the funniest ad we’ve seen in a long time. 

For ingenuity worthy of prime time, we’re giving “Alexa’s Body” third place.  

Our Runners up for the “Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021”

Okay, so now you know our favorite Super Bowl commercials for the year. Still, this year was full of winners, and many companies were making waves. 

Here are three companies you should watch out for next year. Our Super Bowl ad runners up are… 

Chipotle: Can a Burrito Change the World?

Chipotle says that a burrito is more than just a burrito. This year’s commercial makes the statement that a burrito is only as good as the ingredients that make it. If a burrito’s components aren’t ethically sourced, healthy, and high quality, you’re just eating a zesty wrap. 

Chipotle earns first “best Super Bowl ad” runner up for their inventive narration, great storytelling, and unique concept.  

Rocket Mortgage: Certain Is Better

Tracy Morgan in a tub, Dave Bautista laying into opponents out as he used to on the WWE stage… What’s not to like?

Rocket Mortgage has a near-winner on their hands with their ad “Certain Is Better.” They use humor, well-crafted scenes, and imaginative scenarios to illustrate that you should be certain you can afford a house before you buy one. (Surprise, surprise – Rocket Mortgage is here to help you feel as certain as you need to be to make the leap.) 

“Certain is better earns second “best Super bowl ad” runner up for their imagination and humor.

Huggies: Welcome to the World

We’ve come full circle and are ending on a Super Bowl ad that focuses more on the softer and more inspiration-filled emotions. Stirring narration about hopes, dreams, and bright futures is paired with rousing music in Huggies’s 2021 advertisement. 

This Super Bowl ad earns the third runner up spot in our “best Super Bowl ad of 2021” line up. 

Which Ad Was Your Favorite?

Did we miss an ad that you enjoyed? Do you not agree with our list? Want to recreate one of these Super Bowl ads for your company?

Whatever you’re feeling, we encourage you to reach out to us to talk advertising and video. Hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday!