The Best Video Distribution Channels In 2020

The Best Video Distribution Channels In 2020

Everything you need to know about setting up your video distribution channels can be said in one sentence. 

“Know where you plan to host your videos to create a perfect distribution strategy.” 

Focusing on where you host your videos will help you frame your planning stage better than any other method. So, let’s take a look at how each hosting method helps you get views on your videos. 

Hosting On Social Media

A lot of social media platforms, LinkedIn especially, prefer to host videos natively. In fact, it’s very common for platforms to have an algorithm that discourages anything that draws users off-site. Uploading videos to each platform separately takes more work, but the results should be worth it… so long as you’re properly optimizing your SEO for your video distribution process.

Using LinkedIn As One Of Your Distribution Channels

LinkenIn is unique. More than any other platform, LinkedIn prefers natively hosted video because it fits with their mission. LinkedIn gives busy professionals content that they can digest quickly during a break in their work day. Clicking away from LinkedIn not only draws people away from the service, it also serves as a distraction.  

You should consider using LinkedIn as a distribution channel if you sell B2B and if your videos are short, informative, and have a light tone. All of these factors will help you get views on your videos

For the sake of brevity we’re going to point you towards LinkedIns own guide for getting your post in front of as many people as possible.

Using Facebook For Video Content Distribution

Facebook is predominantly filled with text and pictures so it isn’t an ideal distribution channel for many video marketers. 

To have your video go viral your distribution strategy needs to have certain characteristics. Your video should appeal to emotion, should be formatted in 16×9, and should be strongly branded. More than anything though, it needs to be accessible. 

More often than not “accessibility” refers to the subject matter.  Video with captions or a shorter run time is good to have, but a relatable testimonial or character piece fits better on Facebook than an explainer video will. Visit Facebook’s guide on how to get views for more information. 

Instagram For Video Distribution

Unlike other social media sites, Instagram is okay with visitors going to an off site page to finish a video. Instagram supports up to 60 second videos and prefers a resolution of 1.91×1. 

Additionally, Instagram encourages minimalist video styles. So, if your videos are bright, eye-catching, and simple – Instagram is for you. 

Instagram doesn’t have an official document describing their best practices. Instead you’ll have to promote your content/yourself in the comments of other videos. Instagram, more than any other platform, rewards users who engage with others like this in an organic way.

Twitter For Video Distribution

Twitter’s algorithm does not support any form of video more than another but you should be uploading your videos to the platform to post. Additionally, Twitter tends to reward obvious calls to action.

Twitter’s users are not likely to sit through a long video. So, if your videos are all longer, explainer-type videos than you might want to consider changing your video distribution strategy.

Like Instagram, Twitter also rewards interaction. If you’re interacting with others posts, then your views will also increase. 

Video Content Distribution Using Video Hosting Sites

Vimeo, YouTube, or Wistia are good options if you don’t want your video content distribution to happen over social media. We have the benefits of these sites and more covered here in writing or here as a video. If you use these sites to host video it’s slim that anyone will see your content unless it’s uploaded with proper planning. 

The big benefit of video hosting websites is the options that they give you for distribution on your personal webpages. 

If your video distribution strategy focuses on emails, or on building backlinks to your web pages, then a video hosting site is the way to go. 

If all of this has you completely overwhelmed, you’re not alone! You can check out these two articles that we found helpful here or here.  

If you’re still overwhelmed, we offer video distribution services! We would be very excited to help out with your video distribution strategy and developing your distribution channels!