6 Reasons to Love Animation in Business Videos

Reasons to Love Whiteboard Animation

Animation videos have become extremely popular over the past few years — and for good reasons.

When they are done well, with high quality, they’re engaging and fun to watch.

It’s no wonder you can find them everywhere, from online curriculum to marketing campaigns for savvy organizations. While watching TV, I realized that even my former bank now airs a whiteboard animation video.

I spent some time thinking about why our society loves animation videos so much; from why businesses hire graphic design companies to create whiteboard animation videos to why we, as consumers, share so many of them on our social media networks.

Here are six reasons why we, as a society, love whiteboard animation videos:

1. They’re Fun!

Since the day you first attended school, chalkboards and whiteboards were fun to draw on. We watched our teachers instruct us using them, so we knew we had to pay attention whenever someone drew on one.

When asked to write something on the whiteboard, it was either scary or so much fun if we had the answer or a story to tell.

We internally and subliminally reminisce about learning on a whiteboard when we watch whiteboard animation videos.

Plus, when we watch one, we’re left asking how we could have drawn all of that.

Growing up, it took time for me to write even a few words neatly – or the hours it took me to create the 8×11 owl in fourth grade (thanks dad for the help!) I couldn’t even imagine drawing a professional-grade animation back then! Fast forward to today, and even though I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for years now and have created our own animation tricks used in whiteboard animation videos, for example, it’s still fascinating to watch a great artist at work.

That is why we only hire the best artists to match our clients goals.

Which brings me to–

2. They’re Engaging

We love getting compliments from my clients who track their marketing strategy and tell me “our audience watches it the whole way through” and “we got ___ many leads from the video” or “____,000 hits!” When people have fun watching your video, they’ll continue to watch your video.
Nobody likes commercial breaks… unless the commercial catches people’s attention right away.

Then, they’ll forget to change the channel.

That’s the feeling whiteboard animation videos give me– I want to keep watching them. That’s another reason to consider releasing a series of whiteboard animation videos; your target audience will go from watching one to another.

Or, if you prefer to space out each video’s release dates (per your marketing strategy), your client’s will click play again, because the first one was so good.

3. They Give Clear Explanations

Whiteboard animation videos are great for bioscience products, software, applications and more.


Because whiteboard animation videos are some of the best explainer videos.

We are given the opportunity to creativity break down a complicated process or products.

Questions that are lingering in the back of an audience member’s mind, will wait to see the answer be drawn on the screen. Whether your a hospital soothing your patient’s concerns or a biotech company about to launch to the public, consider a whiteboard animation video as an explainer video.

4. They’re Effective to Update

Things change rapidly in a business.

Maybe your company updated its product, moved to a new building, or got purchased. In a whiteboard animation video, it’s easy for our team to replace scenes or aspects of the video that needs to be updated.

The new information can be edited together without appearing jumbled, out of place or and tacked on at the end like something that doesn’t belong. I love when updates are seamless! Whiteboard animation videos are easier to update than a traditional video, so updating them often costs less. I don’t know about you, but I personally like to keep my money in my own bank account whenever possible. I appreciate when companies balance affordability with function!

5. They Age Gracefully

If you’ve ever watched an old movie, you know how hard it is to stay engaged with grainy pictures and poor audio quality. Watch any movie from the 1970s and try not to notice how old it is.

I find that even old Facebook photos look aged after just a few years. Whiteboard animation videos don’t age in the same way. They don’t feature washed out colors or celebrities you know have gotten older since the video was shot. It’s just plain marker colors on a plain white background.

So, when the latest camera replaces 4k-quality, you won’t have to worry about your footage looking out of date. It’s easy to drop a whiteboard animation video and export into the latest format for your screen.

This won’t even be necessarily be required for computer screens. A change in resolution is hardly noticeable on smaller screens so long as your internet company isn’t slowing down your web speed. Smaller screens.

If you’re looking to making a corporate video with a long-shelf, consider a whiteboard animation video.

6. They’re Memorable

What’s the last whiteboard animation video you watched?

I love that whiteboard animation videos are memorable to audience members. It actually goes back to psychology– people remember things they learn. It’s actually a different mental process than trying to commit things to memory.

When your target audience is having fun and keeping engaged with your explainer video, they learn in a relaxed setting. It’s more productive for the human brain to grasp details when they’re having fun learning.

Rip Media Group has expert experience producing all types of corporate videos, but our clients are particularly fond of whiteboard animation videos because they’re fun, engaging, educational, ageless and memorable.

Maybe after reading the list, you realize whiteboard animation video is the perfect for your latest corporate video– great! Rip Media Group can help make it happen. I love working with clients who are ready for the next level of video marketing.

Whatever your video marketing needs are, Rip Media Group is here to help accomplish them and see your business succeed!

Remember, your story starts here!