Why Whiteboard Animation Videos are Effective Marketing Videos

Website With Whiteboard Animation

When you hear the words “marketing video”, the first thing you may think of might be “whiteboard animation videos”, while others think of motion graphic animation or live action.

Let’s focus on whiteboard animation in today’s blog.

Those of you that are fans might be happy to know the effectiveness of quality whiteboard animation videos.

If you are looking to engage customers, increase sales conversions, or gain a social media following, you may want to consider working with whiteboard animation in your next marketing campaign.

Sure, we create whiteboard, motion graphic, and live action video, but the calls keep coming in for the Whiteboard Animation style…with a close second being 3D Motion Graphics.

Everyone knows that marketing videos are the greatest method (see some independent research) of spreading the word about your business, but whiteboard animation video is one of the most effective ways to gain popularity with your audience. Again, some caveats here: They have to be done with high quality, great scripts, unique storylines, and visually engaging art. The best in class animation videos make your company look unique, and unlike any other peer or competitor in your space.

So: What makes this particular style effective?

They’re Easy (on the eyes and the mind)

Well, it’s not easy to set-up your own studio ( I go over these details in my blog “Building Your Own Whiteboard Animation Studio? Read This.”), but it’s easy to work with a professional whiteboard animation production company like Rip Media Group.

With years of experience, we can help guide your company’s production from start to finish. We’ll first start collaborating together in pre-production. We’ll listen to your company’s story and learn what you’re all about, and dig in to find out what makes you special.

My team at Rip Media Group will get to know the in’s and out’s of the product or service you want to address for your prospects, then, our professional screenwriters will write a story that will suit your company’s needs. You’ll have top-notch artists and animators draw out your story. We’ll edit your production, because we worry about coloring, utilizing the best talent to narrate your video, and mixing sound effects with music to accentuate the highs and lows of the story. Its all done like a Hollywood film, because that is where my team and I learned the process.

The lesson:
When you work with professionals, you get quality work.

The solution is not a ‘whiteboard animation’, the solution is telling the best story possible so your target audience understands and remembers your value.

Only quality production can deliver on that need.

Cost Effective

Whiteboard animation videos are generally less expensive than a live-action narrative. Granted, there are exceptions. Why the difference in price? Live-action narrative commercials often require an entire audition process to get the best cast, then we need crew, location fees, equipment, and more to coordinate a quality production.

By choosing to make a whiteboard animation production for your next marketing video(s), Rip Media Group owns all the tools, the creativity, and executes in a fraction of the time as many studios.

The other point on cost-effectiveness is the fact that when a good story is told, it is memorable. When you are top of mind, you then reduce the amount of cycles your marketing, your ads, your inside sales, your key salespeople, your executives have to spend to convert a prospect into an account. Most of our videos convert at higher rates than industry peers, so the cost per view and cost per conversion is far lower.

The lesson:
Whiteboard video is good news for your top line, bottom line, and more budget for you to spend in other areas!

Retention Rate

Dr. Richard Wiseman (a highly-regarded science and psychology professor) studied the neurological effects that whiteboard animation video has on its viewers. In his experiment, he recorded himself on-camera and then, showed his subjects the video…

Then he showed a whiteboard animation video of himself explaining his subject.

Good news!

Whiteboard animation videos retained his subject’s attention by 15% more than a live-narrative film.

So we can conclude that while all types of video marketing are instrumental in promoting your company, whiteboard animation videos are able to keep people’s attention for a longer period of time. Whiteboard animations get to the point quickly in an engaging and entertaining way and may increase your conversion rates up to 9 times!

I think this type of retention rate has to do with the interest we have in creative arts.

For instance, when you see someone doodling on a notepad, think about what goes through your mind. Does it make you want to see what it is they are sketching? Research indicates that people are 8 times more likely to watch a video to the end which has animations and motion graphics as the focus.

The lesson: This study and others have shown that unique and artist drawn art helps the increase in memory. Using clip art or programmatic software do not have the same effect. Unique and original work is paramount to conveying your value.

Viewers Share Quality

Social Media is your company’s friend.

In the most basic form: Once you release your video, ask or incentivize people will to share it.

Should you choose to upload your latest video to YouTube and use SEO techniques (keywords) within the description section of your videos so that you will connect to and attract users who want what you have to offer.

YouTube also allows you to let users comment on your videos, giving you a chance to find out what they like so that you can repeat those attracting qualities in your next video.

Facebook has actually altered their website’s programming to favor videos directly uploaded to your timeline. Now, people can easily click “share” and all of the views will still funnel back to your original Facebook video. Use hashtags wisely, just like in–

Instagram has changed their 16-second videos to 1-minute of content. Feel free to give people a hint of the whole video. Include the link to your whole video in your profile. To increase views, have an Instagram competition like (“name this campaign” or “tag five friends”) or other ways to drive people to comment or re-post. Incentive rewards on any social media don’t hurt either!

The lesson:
Be consistent with your high quality content.

That way, subscribers or followers can anticipate when your company is going to post something new. I recommend making a series of whiteboard animation videos. This way, when your viewers are engaged with one, they’ll be excited to watch the next. Creating a sense of continuation in your video campaigns can go a long way toward increasing customer interest and loyalty.

Most importantly, your whiteboard animation should have that call to action at the end, so your viewers know what to do: “call now,” “click here for more info,” “buy here,” etc.

Next Steps:
If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to work with you.

Just reach out to us at www.ripmediagroup.com. We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.