Kaiser Permanente – One Riverside – Whiteboard Animation

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When it comes to providing a unique and complete health care service, Kaiser Permanente is fairly unparalleled.  They’ve been providing their unique brand for almost 50 years.  

Kaiser Permanente of Riverside County – referred to as One Riverside – wanted to reach out to its members and thank them for their involvement while also reassuring them of Kaiser’s presence and dedication to the finest care through new technologies and advancements in medicine.

What better way to do this than through video?!  And who better to create an impactful and memorable video than Rip Media Group?

So how do we tackle such a task.  

  1. The first step is to assemble the right team.  Experienced producer, dedicated scriptwriter, creative artist and animator.
  2. We wrote a script that touched on all aspects of what One Riverside has accomplished, and where it’s going through their advanced I Care program.
  3. Next comes the art style.  The Rip Media team chose a hand drawn whiteboard animation style that was clean and pleasing to the eye.
  4. We created smooth animation transitions with fades and ink reveal effects.
  5. Finally, we chose not one but two voiceover talents and a laid back soundtrack for aspirational effect.

In the end, One Riverside and Kaiser Permanente came away with a video that expresses their gratitude and promise for the future. 

For a video that will inspire, entertain, and please any audience, contact the team at Rip Media Group today.