Putting the “Fun” In Finance: How Finance Videos Can Entertain

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Rip Media Group is a longtime partner of Becton Dickinson. We’ve been making finance videos for them for years. 

This video is the third video in a series for Becton Dickinson’s “Finance Transformation” – an overhaul within their finance department. The catch? Becton Dickinson needed everyone on deck 100% of the time for a month or more… They had some convincing to do! 

The 3 Steps to Revolution

Many people in Becton Dickinson’s finance department were resistant to change. So, it was our job to shake up their expectations—to ask them to want more than they already had. 

We chose to convey their message through finance videos steeped in community-building, politically coded metaphors. The following steps helped us simplify our message.

  1. The use of whiteboard animation mixed with motion graphic animation to lighten the tone
  2. The use of political rally-type wording to transform their message
  3. The use of a speaker behind a podium to talk to the viewer, creating a sense of community

Now, let’s explore these steps in a little more depth.

Using Whiteboard Animation to Lighten the Tone

Whiteboard animation has long been our go-to for educational, information-driven, and lighthearted videos. 

The often simplistic and easy-to-digest characters in whiteboard animation are welcoming and minimalistic. This aesthetic helps information retention and adds a good-natured punch to educational videos. After mixing in some motion graphic animation elements, our magic formula was complete. 

The benefits of whiteboard animation are well known to us. In fact, we wrote a whole blog dedicated to the benefits of whiteboard animation

Using Political Rally-Type Wording to Drive Engagement

Political speeches are masterclasses in emotional wording and community building rhetoric. We wanted to capitalize on the benefits that a political video or rally-type speech would offer, so we wrote our script accordingly.

We used a victory speech filled with emotional language to appeal to the company’s community. Using this kind of language, we told a story about the company’s past and where they wanted to be. 

We were able to engage and connect with everyone who watched the video. 

Using a Single Speaker to Talk to a Connected Audience

The narrator in this marketing video was a public speaker talking in front of a large audience. In the video, you’ll notice that the scene is set so that viewers have to look past their fellow audience members before they can see the speaker. 

The positioning in the video serves two purposes. 

  1. The speaker (i.e., the Becton Dickinson company) is in a position of leadership and authority.
  2. The audience (i.e., the employees) is literally part of an audience—promoting a feeling of camaraderie between the viewers and their co-workers.

Becton Dickinson’s Response to Their New Finance Videos

Becton Dickinson was thrilled with the video we put together. They also told us that they couldn’t wait to share it with their company as the changes began to roll out over the coming year.

Thanks to our experienced producer and production crew, Rip Media Group used unique and fresh methods to tell a story that was both entertaining and educational. 

After all, every audience deserves to have fun as they consume new information (especially with finance videos). 

Want to know how you can tell stories in new and engaging ways? Feel free to reach out to us to find out. 

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whiteboard animation

whiteboard animation

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