Get Heard! How Do You Use 3D Videos To Make a Point? A Sierra Wireless Study

What do remote workers, wireless networks, and 3D videos have in common? They’ve all been talked about by Rip Media Group. 

In late 2020, Sierra Wireless approached us to ask if we could help them make a video that combined 3D animation with live-action. The video Sierra Wireless requested would be a way to market their new, efficiency-boosting software Octave directly to the back-end developers in 2021.

More than anything, they wanted a video filled with creative and clean visuals that would feel more futuristic and premium than the videos they currently had.

How Do You Mesh 3D Animation and Live-Action?

Producing stunning, mixed media pieces like these has always been one of Rip Media Group’s specialties, so we were happy to help them out with the development of their video. 

Which brings us to the big question. 

How do you mix 3D animation and live-action in a way that adds to the point you’re trying to make?

When you’re mixing 3D animation and live-action, you should be doing one of two things. First, you can make your 3D elements hyper-real, so they complement the live-action (think David Fincher’s movies – or… on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t think about them). Second, you can create an entirely new mixed media world where the live-action is more of a compliment to the 3D art moving around (think Marvel – always). 

In the end, Sierra Wireless went with the first option. They chose to use 3D animation to punch up their live-action videos. 

How Did 3D Animation Enhance Sierra Wireless’s Video?

Sierra Wireless needed to explain an incredibly technical subject in a short period of time, so we let the 3D animation do most of the talking. 

To show each layer of Sierra Wireless’s offering, we created a stacked, visual metaphor that moved from Rubik’s cube to Tetris to a visual matrix. If you’re curious about what we mean, watch the video at the top of this case study!

So, live-action set the tone, and 3D animation enhanced the initial message by making it a physical thing that the viewers could relate to. After we made Sierra’s points with 3D, we transitioned back to live-action and finally back to 3D to present Sierra’s closing points. That creates a neat, full-circle type message. 

Everyone at Rip Media Group (and Sierra Wireless) loved the video that we eventually produced. 

How Can You Use Mixed Media Live-Action and 3D Videos to Tell Your Story Better? 

Simple, first decide on your tone. Is your business more concerned with concrete ideas or is everything about being as out there as possible?

Once you can answer that question you’ll know whether you want to make 3D or Live Action the star of your show. 

Need help telling your story? Reach out to Rip Media Group. We would love to help you create your 3D videos and tell your mixed-media story. 

Your story starts here. 


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