Pixar on Warped Tour: How to Use 3D in Animation to Bend Genres

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What do we mean when we say “Pixar on warped tour” when talking about animation? Well, it’s simple—Pixar has done its fair share to re-imagine what 3D animation can be and do. Still, Pixar hasn’t crossed animation genres like we’ve done with videos in our iTrade Transit series. 

So, when we say “Pixar on Warped Tour,” we mean to say that we’re innovating in areas that Pixar hasn’t even thought to look in yet (or at least that’s what we would like to believe).

In video marketing, there are several genres that production companies like Rip Media Group can use when they’re creating. You can commission motion graphics, live-action, animation, whiteboard animation, and—of course—3D animation. However, sometimes just one of these styles isn’t enough. That’s where video animation styles like 2.5D and this 3D/whiteboard animation hybrid get their start. 

When iTrade, a food transit tracking company, approached us to rebrand their company with a completely new style, we took the opportunity to give them something completely unique. 

How to Start the Genre-Bending Process

Before you start bending genres, you need motivation. Your motivation could be a desire for something different, a desire to push your creative limits, or a desire to see something completely new. 

iTrade needed to stand out in their market. They wanted a style that was eye-catching and not obnoxious. They wanted their videos to be one of a kind.

To help solve iTrade’s pain point we decided to blend whiteboard animation, which is great for explainer videos and educational videos, with 3D animation which has an intrinsic “wow” factor that we love.

Defining “3D in Animation” Helps You Deviate From the Norm

There are several ways to innovate with genres. You can create something new by widening your knowledge of a specific, ultra-targeted area of study or you can blend multiple genres to create a space in animation no one else had explored before. 

Whatever action you take, you will need one thing—knowledge. The more you know about the genres you’re working in, the easier you can change them. 

We’ve worked with 3D animation and whiteboard animation extensively, so we knew precisely which elements we wanted to use from each genre to create iTrade’s new, custom look. So, we interpreted the hyper-realism and occasional surrealism that Pixar uses for their 3D characters inside of a simplified, hand-drawn whiteboard world. This combination allowed us to tell a dense story in a non-convoluted and novel way. 

We called our new genre of animation a “whiteboard 3D world.”

How Time Consuming Is Genre Creation?

Genre creation is a time-consuming process, to be sure. However, it’s important to remember that, with a proper plan, you can substantially speed up your workflow. 

We were able to complete iTrade’s videos in 8 weeks because we had a good idea of how we would blend genres going into the project. So, have a game plan before attempting an ambitious project like this, and you’ll be fine. 

Additionally, because we delivered these genre bending videos under budget and on time, we earned a returning customer. 

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