The Top 7 Animation Companies In 2021

animation company - Rip Media Group

The video marketing and production market is flooded with animation companies eager to make their mark or a quick buck right now. So, how do you find the right animation company for you? Well, you need to do two things. 

First, look up how to find the right animation company – don’t worry, we have a helpful guide here for your convenience. Second, read through this list and watch some videos! We’ve gathered the animation companies in 2021 that should be on your radar. But you have to know and recite a secret password three times while standing on one leg.  No, just kidding.  Here’s the list for free – no password required!

1. Rip Media Group

You’ll have to excuse us if we sound a little self-indulgent with the first company on this list. Still, we’re proud of Rip Media Group and the legacy of quality that we’ve created for ourselves over more than a decade of video production.

We’re a collection of award-winning storytellers from the Producers Guild of America, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild and the finest corporations. Using our Greenlight production process (™), we create custom, thoughtful, and revenue-generating stories for your business to use in any genre you could want. 

We understand that your brand is a story waiting to be told –  a story that your customers are eager to hear. We’re always innovating and striving to write your next best story because video production is our passion. 

Check out this video that we recently made for iTrade, a global powerhouse in the food distribution and tracking industry.

2. Epipheo

Epipheo Animation Studios is an animation company that doesn’t rest on its laurels… even though it has quite a few. Their workforce is made up of highly experienced video professionals, both internal and freelance, and they’ve been doing the animated video marketing thing for longer than most. They’ve been working since back when animation companies were called “cartoon businesses.” 

They’re pricey, but their results speak for themselves. Just check out this video below to see what we mean:

3. Digital Brew 

Wake Up! 

Have you had your coffee yet today? Well, grab a cup because nothing goes with a hot cup of joe than good animation. Good animation – even  mixed with live-action – is Digital Brew’s speciality. While they only offer explainer videos and live-action commercials, they’re still a great option. Wake up with one of their videos below: 

4. Explainify 

Can you explain what makes a video good? What gives it that wow factor?

The good people at Explainify think that they can! This company focuses on cartoons and motion graphic animation to create some great videos. Better yet, their message is always clear and easy to understand. 

5. Ydraw

Why draw? No, Ydraw! 

Ydraw is a staple in the whiteboard video world. They create uniquely styled (rounded characters) whiteboard animations full of humor and life. That’s why, out of all the whiteboard animator companies we could have chosen, we picked Ydraw. We’ve picked out a great video that they did for a nature conservatory that showcases how they push their whiteboard animation boundaries. 

6. RSA

The RSA, or the Royal Society for the Arts, is the first company to make whiteboard animations mainstream. Now, they produce excellent animations for TedX talks, educational causes, and many more things using a modern, avant-garde style – we can’t get enough. Here’s a great recent video from them covering a speech by James Willems:

7. Droga5

Droga5’s inclusion on this list shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in most industries. Droga5 is a well-established brand at this point. They are expensive, but you shouldn’t have any issues working with them. Check out a video from them below:

We Hope You Find the Animation Companies That Are Right for You!

The market is all about competition. We believe that we are the indisputable best choice for you and your company. Still, we want you to have a choice between our competitors and us. We hope you enjoy this list that we’ve put together and we hope you find the right company to suit your needs!  Now you may resume your normal standing position.

If you want to ask us a little bit more about how we stand out from the crowd of other animation companies, please reach out to us. Your story starts here.