Break Down The Barrier!

Break Down the Barrier with Explainer Video

What barrier are we breaking? The imaginary wall around your Trade Show Booth!

That elusive 2 foot barrier, that bubble of space between ‘walk-past’ or ‘stop in’.  We hate that space!  Let’s move people from admiring to ENGAGING by breaking down the wall.  

No wrecking ball handy?  Then lean on creativity!  With trade shows, first impressions are EVERYTHING.  Don’t stress.  You only need one WOW element.  Sure, a whole WOW booth would be amazing, but we have to be practical too.  Make a statement with your display.  Choose the one thing that you will use to draw them in, to puncture the bubble, to topple the wall.  Maybe it’s a your shiny new explainer video, or an interactive photo booth, or an eye-catching background.

No matter which WOW factor you choose, implementing unique-authentically-YOU-ideas will open the door to conversation.  

Short on ideas?  That’s ok – we are here to help!

This is what we created for Line6.

Line 6 Guitar Amplifier Web Commercial from Rip Media Group on Vimeo.

BOOM. Wall knocked!  Bubble popped!