Explainer Videos Helping Thermo Fisher Scientific Communicate Benefits of Their Product

Explainer Videos

Thermo Fisher Scientific approached Rip Media Group to help strengthen their new product offerings by creating an engaging, accurate, and informative whiteboard explainer video series. The challenge was to fully explain the benefits of Multiplexing with Luminex Technology and how to mix Singleplex Assay Kits for customers who have recently purchased the product.

In order to accomplish this, our creative team worked with product managers around the world from California to Vienna in order to tell this story as efficiently and engaging as possible. After distilling the product benefits into a concise script and creating our main protagonist, Rip Media Group got to work producing a series of whiteboard animations.

As a result of this collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific is now able to enhance their customer service by offering media that educates their demographic on how their products are beneficial.

Produced by: https://ripmediagroup.com was founded by a team of sales and marketing directors who developed creative, visual, and compelling campaigns that result in record setting growth.  Rip Media Group focuses on increasing sales, creating demand, and generating growth in public as well as charitable organizations