Rip Media Group Produces Live Action Videos for A10 Capital

A10 Capital

Rip Media Group created several engaging live action promotional videos for A10 Capital. One of the featured videos we produced for this top-of-the-line company was an explainer video, which points out A10’s highlighted mission as “a commercial real estate realtor’s one-stop balance sheet lender for middle-market commercial mortgages.” A10 Capital came to Rip Media Group to deliver an informative, but also quirky and imaginative live action piece with animated elements.

As A10 highlights on their site, they have “financed nearly 30 million square feet of commercial properties, and growing.” A10 specializes in bridge loans, perm loans, bridge to perm loans, and note purchase loans. They pride themselves in their innovative methods and advancement in a commercial mortgage industry that is stubborn in its lack of progression. At Rip Media Group, our production of live action videos spotlight A10 Capital’s modern approaches to commercial real estate financing, which includes institutional backing and highly customizable loan structures.

Rip Media Group showcases A10’s impressive business structure as well as their lighthearted humor—They know how to make deals while also making the experience enjoyable. The featured explainer video showcases a confident lender who steps you through the appealing perks of working with A10 Capital—all while showing off his witty charm. Rip Media Group incorporates special effects surrounding the lender, including a Doppler effect on a filmed screen, and an overwhelmed banker animation who appears next to A10’s representative. This featured graphic is a Rip Media Group specialty—an entertaining short animation integrated into live action media.

Also, did we mention that A10 has an endorsement from Heather Cox? With a familiar lit stadium backdrop, Rip Media Group captured Cox’s upbeat statements backing A10. The main promotional video and “Breakout Videos” that Rip Media Group produced feature these endorsements. Cox utilizes her experience as a well-known sportscaster to give the latest scoop on A10 Capital’s unique approaches to topics such as bridge-to-perm loans and other commercial real estate financing needs.

In one Breakout Video, Heather Cox emphasizes A10’s comprehensive loan structure while holding a football. She tosses the football in a seamless cut to A10’s speaker, who catches the ball and gives his “Xs and Os” talk—a chalkboard graphic that underlines the emphasis of A10’s effective lending strategies.

The explainer video for A10 Capital shows the featured speaker’s assured attitude toward the commercial real estate financing company. The lending representative has the utmost confidence in A10’s abilities, professionalism, and experience as he walks through a bright office, passing upbeat coworkers. He pauses to point out a group of three top A10 corporate members, who each “have over 25 years in the industry and have financed over $30 billion in their careers.”

A10 utilizes this video on their site to highlight already influential bold text stating their innovative and effective lending methods. So if you’re looking for an engaging live action explainer video with smooth special effects and graphics, check out Rip Media Group’s production of A10’s featured live action explainer video.