Vistage – Berkley International Packaging (Live Action Interview Testimonial)

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Vistage just helps with your business.  That’s all. Plain and simple. Straight out of the box.  You need guidance? You need advice? You need ideas? You need help?  What better way than to get all of that from someone or from people who have done it before.  They know the pitfalls, they know the rights, they know the wrongs.

That is the core of what Vistage ( is and what they do, and they wanted to share their unique model with an audience who could understand the importance of those attributes without annoying puffery.  So they reached out to Rip Media Group to create a video that would feature a success story, as told through testimonials.

Here’s how it all went down:

  • Once we assigned a Producer and Director to the project, Vistage connected us to the father, son and son team at Berkley International Packaging. 
  • The team at Rip Media created a group of questions and compiled a full crew to interview the key players.
  • The three walked us and the audience through how they came upon Vistage, and how Vistage’s peer group of executives from non-competing industries, provided one-to-one coaching, and drove Berkley International to outperform their competition through good times and lean times. 
  • We also captured pertinent B-roll to show them in action. 
  • From there, our editor worked tirelessly to craft story into a compelling, informative and entertaining narrative.

Vistage now has a testimonial that encapsulates the impact that their organization provides to real-world companies and industries.

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