Top Eight Qualities of Motion Graphics in Animation

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics are one of the best methods of capturing ideas and concepts. They are used to offer viewers a similar experience as watching traditional video, but they add an extra edge with engaging animations into the storyline. Sounds like a good time to us! You in?

Animations can play out and tell a story in interesting ways through moving pictures and animated graphics. They also have the advantage of creating the illusion of real world environments without having to use real actors and sets.


Motion graphics are extremely popular today, primarily because of the number of high-profile companies and organizations which are using them. In addition, a number of new uses for this old medium have spring up, including animated branding films and explainer videos. Motion graphics are essentially the group of cool kids in high school that you could never sit down and have lunch with.

Here are eight reasons motion graphics animations have become a staple in advertising and online video.

1. Animations are a great way to package and brand any type of product. They can also be a way to demonstrate the use of products to potential customers.

2. Motion graphics can be used in many industries including education, gaming, and entertainment, to name a few.

3. Motion graphic animations are more effective at attracting viewers’ attention than static images. They can also be used to help kids with short attention spans learn difficult concepts. Studies show that children who are exposed to motion graphics and animation tend to retain what they learn at a higher rate than they do with static images.

4. Production costs of animation videos are lower than those of real-world videos, on average. They require fewer (if any) actors, supporting crew members, equipment, and technicians.

5. Motion graphic animations can be used to simplify content and break data into several parts. They help make messages easier to understand and are a great way to organize and present complex information.

6. New software and other tools let you capture details using animations that other video methods cannot.
7. Animations and motion graphics allow you to create imaginative characters which can be adapted to the particular audience you wish to address.

8. Motion graphics can go viral. Animations and motion graphics can take a brand to new levels by creating global interest in a product because of the way they present information.

Any way you cut it, motion graphics, uploaded to YouTube and other media, open doors of opportunity to promote your brand to new levels. All while serving to gain attention to mass numbers of potential buyers.

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