‘Bedrooms’ world festival premiere Aug. 20

Celebrate our clients feature film release:

Moon Bloodgood, Julie Benz, Jordan Belfi, Xander Berkeley, Jesse Garcia, Barry Bostwick, Dee Wallace, and Jesse Garcia will appear in the ensemble film “Bedrooms” premiere this Friday, August 20, 2010 during the L.A. Latino International Film Festival.

“Bedrooms” is an evocative story about the walls that separate people, the heartbreak and infidelity that’s often the result and the redemption that comes from tearing those walls down.

The film is told in 4 stories by 3 unique filmmakers. The stories center around married couples of various ages confronting the turning points of their relationships and how they come to fully appreciate all things that connect them. Bedrooms is a comic, sweet and gut wrenching exploration of human relationships, their myriad complications and the daily choice we face to either make them work or to move on.

Mann Chinese 6 • Theater 1 • 9:00 PM
For tickets and more info please visit:www.latinofilm.org/tickets/online.html
Or call: 323.446.2770