New role in film development, and in your company: Chief Marketing Producer

Today, producers are responsible for marketing.  Many distributors will not pick up a project for distribution if isn’t accompanied by a strong marketing plan and a realistic marketing budget.  RipMedia Group says this shift has opened a new role in a production, for a Chief Marketing Producer (CMP).  A CMP is a hybrid of a Chief Marketing Officer and an Executive Producer.

The duties of a Chief Marketing Producer:

  • Develop a strategic marketing plan
  • Locate the target market and interact with the audience
  • Create, assemble and supervise a team for audience outreach through social networking, blogs, contests, games, and integrated marketing
  • Develop integrated marketing materials which include promotional videos, digital PR, moving logos, key art, website, email lists, sponsorship and promotional partners

The responsibilities of Chief Marketing Producer can be outsourced.   In the Do-It-Yourself model (without a major studio) the film maker must put the marketing hat on from the very beginning…well before production.  In business, this role will likely fall under the Chief Marketing Officer, or actually be the CMO.

Business today need an integrated marketing strategy across divisions, products, and regions.  One person or a team needs to oversea the messaging that is released to the world.  This conversation is now a 24 hour a day medium with social media at the forefront.  The CMP will be the manager of all messaging in print, audio, tv, film, and short form video.

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What are your thoughts?

Maury Rogow

RipMedia Group