Press Release: Variety Entertainment – Rip Media feature film announced

Variety announced a film named ‘Shambler’,  which we are producing with a great team. We are proud to be in the magazine, and to have taken the project this far along.

Shambler was dreamed up from the question our founder, Maury Rogow, asked of Iron Man artist Bob Layton 3 years ago: “Bob, what can you dream up that would be fun, enjoyable to produce, visually amazing, and a fun ride for audiences?” He responded the next day with a new character..The Shambler was born.

Expect more updates in the coming weeks.

Shambler is a narrative feature film.

In addition to Shambler, we are on board to produce other narrative films in the next two years.

We have also been asked to compile footage and assemble a documentary of a very different nature – describing the state of public education. We are developing the idea, and may take our commercial productions to the next level again next year.

If you, or your company, has footage, a concept, or idea that you feel would be better in a digital or animated format, let us know. You are probably right,  a larger audience is likely to be found with a motion graphic video, a whiteboard intimation, a film , or even series of videos.   They are certainly more interesting than white papers.

Keep us in the loop with your ideas.

Have a great week.