Rip Media Group has officially moved into the historic Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Founded in 1912 – that’s 100 years ago, if you’re counting – this location is the oldest independent studio that works year-round. This studio’s very first film starred Mary Pickford, just a short walk across the lot is the legendary Studio Café, a wonderful example of life imitating art: it was originally built as a set for the Frank Sinatra film, ‘Johnny Concho’. Today, 12 sound stages and a host of production services, Raleigh Studios is as busy as ever.

Rip Media Group feels at home here, surrounded by history, working alongside some of the best companies in Hollywood. With our growing experience in film production, animation, motion graphic production, corporate animation videos, and web video design; we will continue advancing new media and technology in our new home.


Here’s to another one hundred years of making history!



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